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#0153Thermovision Monitors for Nuclear Reactors (R)

Thermovision system for control of NPP equipment ("Thermocont").

#0153-2Thermovision Monitors for Nuclear Reactors

Thermovision System for Control of Nuclear Power Plant's (NPP) Equipment

#0673Gas and Plasma Dynamics

Computational Algorithms and Numerical Methods for, and Results of, Solution of Currently Challenging Problems in Gas/Plasma and Body Motion Mechanics

#0809Control of Snow-avalanche

Use of Fuel-air Explosive Explosion for the Control

#0924Chitosan Derivatives for Medicine

Water-soluble Amphoteric Chitosan Derivatives for the Medicine and Cosmetics Purposes

#0985High-energy Substances for Petroleum Wells Stimulation

Method of Raising Productivity of Petroleum and Gas-Condensate Wells with the Help of a Two-Stage Thermal and Gas Treatment of a Productive Layer Accompanied by Thermochemical Destruction of Hydrocarbons

#1292Chemical Tagging of Explosives

Chemical Tagging of Explosives

#1371Anti-Personal Mines Detection and Deactivation

System of Improved Reliability for Detection and Deactivation of Anti-Personal Mines remaining in Place After the End of Military Operations

#2394Mobile Systems for Destruction of Toxicants

Development of Limited-Scale Mobile Systems for Local Destruction of Highly Toxic Substances

#3546Tagging of Commercial Explosives

Tagging of Commercial Explosives