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#A-890Low Field Effects on Cellular Membrane

The Study of the Membrane Target for Extremely Low-frequency Electromagnetic Field (ELF EMF)

#G-1618Early Indicator of Atherosclerosis

Alteration of Inflammatory/Redox Balance as an Early Indicator of Atherosclerosis, and its Correction by the Means of Statins and Antioxidants

#G-1676Antioxidant Therapy in Atherosclerosis

New Antioxidants from Georgian Red Grapes and Treatment of Atherosclerosis in Postmenopausal Women

#G-1840Probiotics of Georgia and “Caucasian Longevity” Phenomenon

Investigation of Probiotics, Isolated from Traditional Fermented Milk Products and Ecological Isolates in the Regions of Georgia with Phenomenon of “Caucasian Longevity”: Genetic Typing and Creation of Live Cultures’ Bank

#G-2188Prostate cancer visualization

Investigation into visualization of prostate cancer at early stage of development

#G-895The Way to Caucasian Longevity

Prolongation of Expected Life Span and Improvement of Life Quality Basing on the Experience of Caucasian Longevity and Georgian Traditional Medicine