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#G-1153Concrete Dams and Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

Computer Program for Strength Analysis of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction-Affected Concrete Dams

#G-1210Concretes with thermoplastic materials for protection from radiation

Radiation-Shielding Thermoplastic Material for the Structures of Nuclear Reactor Bodies, Protective Shells and Screens

#G-1285Prevention of Composite Materials Destruction

Prevention of Internal Stress-Induced Destruction of Composite Materials by Means of Direct Determination of Internal Stresses

#G-490Dynamic Code for Dams Stability Analysis

Computer Code for Dynamic Analyses of Old Concrete Dams for Evaluating Their Safety During and after Possible Earthquakes

#G-511Internal Stress Determination in Composites

Direct Determination of Inherent Stresses in Composite Materials