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#T-1141Liquid Radioactive Wastes Processing

Methods of Decontamination, Utilization, and Deactivation of Liquid Radioactive Wastes

#T-1145Properties of Polymers and Exposure Features

Investigation of Structure and Physical Properties of Polymers at Compound Exposure

#T-1147Radionuclides in Soil-Water-Plant System

Learning of Migration of Radionuclides in Soil-Water-Plant System

#T-1150Modificators for Polymer Composites

Synthesis of High Effective Dopants for Increasing Radiation Resistance and Decreasing Triboelectrification of Polymeric Composite Materials

#T-1157Modeling of Gadolinium-Based Neutron Converter

Modeling and Investigation of Characteristics of Solid-State Converters of Neutron Radiation for Increasing the Registration Efficiency of Detectors

#T-1158Aluminosilicate Ores and Aluminum Industry’s Wastes

Complex Processing of Aluminosilicate Ores and Aluminum Industry’s Wastes

#T-1181Radiation Monitoring of the Republic Tajikistan

Radiation Monitoring of the Area and Atmosphere of Coal-Producing Regions, Ionizing Radiation Sources, and Territory of the Republic of Tajikistan Polluted by Radioactive Wastes

#T-1248Stonecast Products

Development of the Technology for Stone Products on the Basis of Local Raw Material

#T-1286Women Health in Polluted Regions

State of Women Health and Their Descendants Living in the Unfavorable Man-Caused Zones and the Possibilities of Their Rehabilitation

#T-1338Coke Manufacture in Tajikistan

Organization of by-product Coke Manufacture for Economical Needs of the Republic of Tajikistan