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#T-1738Liquid and Solid Nanocarbon Materials

Investigation of Structure and Physical Properties of Liquid and Solid Nanocarboncontaining Mediums


Technology of Formation and Service Property of Nanostructured Materials

#T-2109Hydrogen and Thermolysis gas production by use of energy of idle water flow

Conversion of the idle water discharges from reservoirs to the Hydrogen production by electrolysis and the thermolysis gas from hydrocarbons and coals

#T-2110Contribution of Glacier and seasonal snow to Runoff

Application of Isotope Hydrology to the determination of interannual distribution and the contribution of Glacier & seasonal snow to Runoff

#T-2149Risk Management accumulation of radionuclides and chemical pollution

Risk Assessment and Risk Management of accumulation of radionuclides and chemical pollution in seasonal snow and glaciers and their transportation by waterways

#T-2154Investigation of Syr-Darya

Radiometric, hydrological and geochemical investigation of the Syr-Darya [River] basin in Tajikistan

#T-2263Nanostructuring of Composite systems

Nanostructuring of composite systems

#T-2378Impact of tailings dams with radioactive waste to groundwater reservoirs

Protection of underground water reservoirs of the tailings dams territories with radioactive waste