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Satellite Monitoring of Earthquakes Forerunners


Satellite Monitoring of Ionospheric Forerunners of Earthquakes with Radiophysical and Radio Engineering Methods

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  • OBS-NAT/Natural Resources and Earth Sciences/Other Basic Sciences
  • ENV-SEM/Seismic Monitoring/Environment

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Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • IZMIRAN, Russia, Moscow reg., Troitsk


  • University of Central Florida / Interdisciplinary Studies, USA, MA, Westford

Project summary

Now by different examinations set, that the earthquake - not sudden event, and process, to which will be preceded with manifold geophysical appearances. In seismic fissile regions directly ahead of earthquake the perturbations of atmospheric electric potential and other appearances were repeatedly watched a luminescence of an atmosphere, ground, inclines of mountains which can be viewed as forerunners of earthquake.

The participants of the design in the operations have established, that the ionosphere of ground is sensing medium, in which above epicentres of the future earthquakes there are well filed physical processes, which is most information in comparison with other appearances can be viewed as forerunners of earthquakes.

The purpose of the design is making a procedure and hardware complex for a monitoring of forerunners of earthquakes by radiophysical and radio engineering methods.

The embodying of the design will unclose new opportunities of deriving of the information about time-space changes of parameters of near-earth space plasma, induced seismic appearances, which can be surveyed as forerunners of earthquakes.

Advantages of remote sondage of forerunners of earthquakes by instrumentation of satellite basing are deriving global operative information not only about seismic fissile regions, but also and about regions traditionally considered seismic quiet. It is necessary to mark, that the given method of observations can be used as autonomously, and in combination with terrestrial and aero-systems of a monitoring. Deriving a complex universal, objective pattern of processes in an ionosphere of the Earth in this case is possible.

The prime purpose of the design is the development of a board measuring part of a hardware complex. This development is conducted on the basis of an established procedure «a Monitoring of forerunners of earthquakes…». The on-board equipment should determine a spatial distribution of intensity a magnetic and electrical builder of a field of low-frequency noise radio-frequency emission in a frequency band 0,1 - 50 kHz at heights about 1000 km in the upper ionosphere. Except for the above-stated measuring the on-board equipment guesses to realise measuring streams of vigorous electrons in a gamut of energies 1 keV – 1 MeV, and also density and temperature of plasma, environmental the satellite.

The writers of the design possess experience of development of several generations of instrumentation of a similar type for radio engineering and radiophysical satellite ionospheric (plasma) examinations.

The available backlog will allow promptly to unfold operations on execution of the design on development of a procedure and to prepare a hardware complex for holding satellite measuring of low-frequency radio noises and other appearances attending processes of intensification of seismic activity.

The design provides the solution of the following problems:

- Development of a procedure of satellite observations with the help of set forth above instrumentation of forerunners of earthquakes, development of a preliminary design on a board measuring complex in compounded volume;

- Manufacture of an experimental model of a high-sensitive board measuring complex ensuring measuring of the pointed plurality of parameters in view of the requirements of telemetering systems;

- Automation of an information handling acccording to a designed procedure.

In the design it is supposed a measurement range of filed noise emission to expand in comparison with a gamut, in which the measuring in the previous operations IZMIRAN, proof by the copyright certificate (patent) A.C. №1171737 "Expedient of prediction of earthquakes", authors: V.V.Migulin, V.I.Larkina, O.A.Molchanov, A.V.Nalivajko, 1985; and discovery OT-12023 (with a priority for July, 1990) "Effect of action of earthquakes on ELF/VLF emission in external ionosphere", authors: M.B.Gokhberg, O.A.Pokhotelov, V.I.Larkina, V.V.Migulin, V.A.Liperovskij, O.A.Molchanov, J.I.Gal’perin.

Guessed new aspects of an established procedure "Monitoring... " will allow, using novelty of integrated approach of an instrument parameters, to boost reliability of the prognosis and, in the long term, to deduce it on a qualitatively new level with expansion of area of observation up to global.

As a result of embodying the design the procedure of remote sondage of forerunners of earthquakes with the help of instrumentation of satellite basing will be designed and the opportunity of binding of a stationary monitoring to scanning global surveyed.

The problems of a monitoring of forerunners of earthquakes have global character therefore planed operation is actual for the solution of ecological and geophysical problems. This information will allow the relevant state structures to have more reliable prognosis nature-ecological and, hence, of economic situation in regions, especially by way of preventing victims and diminution of material consequences of natural catastrophes.

It is especially important to use this information by the principals nucleus – dangerous and others apart of dangerous objects with the purpose of opportune taking a step of safety and other organisational standards.

The making, in the long term, global satellite monitoring for remote sondage of forerunners of earthquakes in combination to an opportunity of synchronous terrestrial observations will allow to organise a continuous highly information monitoring of a state of near-earth plasma, both above separate regions, and in planetary gauge.

The design can have the further development of operations in the above-stated directions. At the following stage the designer documentation on a measuring complex can be lead up of a level ensuring «demonstrating of technology at an industrial level» (term ISTC), and samples, manufactured on this documentation, can be utilised on satellites and other space objects in nominal variants.

The operations under the design will switch the scientists and engineers, before engaging by development of automatic weapon to development of especially peace production. The dialogue at execution of the design with the colleagues from developed countries will allow them to join world scientific community. The participants of the design executing manager’s functions will receive experience of business management in requirements of market economy.

Collaborators can participate in information exchange during realisation of the design on consulting, working seminars, meetings and symposiums.

The role foreign collaborators can consist in co-ordination noncommercial and (or) commercial usage of results obtained at execution of the design, namely:

a) reational usage of a designed procedure and hardware operating times in the national interests and in interests of world community;
b) in contributing noncommercial, optional application breadboard is model of a measuring complex on foreign space vehicles;
c) at execution of item "b", in operative and rational usage of results of a monitoring for world community.

The participants of the design are ready to consider any propositions on co-operating in fields enveloped by the design.


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