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Prevention of Prevalence of Virus and Chlamydes Diseases of Genitals Among the Young Generation by Using Modern Methods in Treatment, Prevention and Inoculation of the Population of Georgia

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  • MED-DIS/Disease Surveillance/Medicine

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Leading Institute
Dermato-Venereal Health Centre #8 Ltd., Georgia, Tbilisi

Project summary

The present project of 24 months long will be implemented in oue of the districts of Tbilisi; having population of 100,000 and more. The project involves examination of both men and women of younger and middle age.

The contingent mentioned above will be served by Dermato-Venereal Health Centre #8 of the Saburtalo district, staffed with dermato-venerologists, medical staff and clinic-diagnostic laboratory, equipped with modern technique.

The planned works will be conducted according to the quarterly elaborated schedule:

I - quarter involves training of the total medical personnel of Health Center #8 for accepting examined contingent of 12,500 persons.

Questioning and examining of the contingent mentioned above.

II - quarter systematic data processing on genitals diseases and their contracts. Examination of 12,500 contingent continued.

III - Quarter foresees inoculation of girls of 7-15 age group.

IV - delivery of prevention means of protection to the population for eliminating prevalence of these diseases.

Examination of 12,500 contingent continued.

V - Quarter – revealing of patients with A typical and latent forms. Examination of 12,500 contingent continued.

VI - Quarter – summing and analyzing of the conducted works. Examination of 12,500 contingent continued.

VII - Quarter – supply of the Health Centre with visual aids for protecting the population from being infected with STD. Examination of 12,500 contingent continued.

VIII - Quarter – evaluation of the conducted work in the period of the project implementation for applying the acquired experience in other big cities of Georgia.

The present project attaches special attention to the methodological and practical cooperation with the collaborator countries the USA, Spain, Germany, Belgium and all the medical institutions engaged in the problems of virus and chlamides diseases of genitals and the problems of chronic diseases of small pelvis.

Goal of the Project.

Examination of the population in one of the districts of Tbilisi through modern methods of diagnostics for revealing virus and chlamydes diseases of genitals and prevention of their further prevalence among the population.

In case of the successful implementation the project will involve other districts of Tbilisi and then all the big cities of Georgia.

Methods of Investigation.

The present project foresees:

– use of the latest methods of STD observation;

– retraining and training of physician-lab assistants in modern methods of diagnostics;
– providing laboratories with modern bio-technology;
– conducting examination on diagnosticums PCR and LCR, by the methods of smear colouring according to Papa-Nicolau and Gimza-Romanovsky;
– use of Mac Coy media, test-factors “Chlamigen” of Syntron (USA produce), “Trichoksan” and antigens for diagnostics of herpesvirus and cytomegalovirus;
– “Simplirix” (Belgium) for conducting mass inoculations;
– purchase of prevention means, publications and visual aids on STD with the aim to warn the population against dangerous infections.

Expected Results.

Accomplishment of tasks set in the project will enable to reveal a level of virus and chlamydes infections of genitals among men and women engaged in active life, family infections with prevalence through placental way, a level of infections among women engaged in professional sex and people engaged in risk factor bearing jobs.

The measures conducted will reveal the sources of infections, eliminate their further prevalence.

Data systematization on diagnostics, treatment and prevention of virus and chlamydes diseases of genitals will be a basis for their further application in other cities of Georgia.

Scientific Value.

The data received on the basis of modern observation methods of infections of genitals, will be thoroughly studied and generalized as the most efficient means for disclosing dangerous STD infections of both medical and social character.


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