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Information Support for Electronics


Computing and Information Support of Work on Electronics of Organic Materials.

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Leading Institute
Foundation for Assistance to Development of Science, Technology and Culture, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

Modernisation, post-warranty service, extension of existing computer park, creating a local network for speed-up of research work on electronics of organic materials and molecular electronics ( in particular, within the framework of the Project ITSC 015-94 and Subproject D of MNTC 079-94 Project) in Russian Academy of Sciences, for integration of Russian science in a world science and for qualitative maintenance of reception and transfer of scientific information.

Expected results:

1. Preservation of serviceability of existing computer park and its further development, increase of its efficiency by the creation of a local network.

2. Organisation of the employees access to all computing means through a local network, that will essentially increase efficiency of research work.

3. Providing of access to international databases and computing capacities in a mode of a remote terminal.

4. Maintenance of steady communication channels with the foreign partners, for reach integration of made scientific reserches with a a world scientist.

The project stuff works on:

Technical projects development of a local network, connection to external information networks, modernisation and uninterrupted operation of park of computing means.

Organisation of acceptance of subsystems and system as a whole. Current firmware support and operation of a formed information centre and local network. Program and technical support of the computer communications. Organisation of regular access to international databases, external computing capacities through ground and satellite telecommunication channels.