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Ultradispersed Metal Powders for Agricultural Needs


Elaboration of the Ultradispersed Copper, Iron, Zinc Powder Production Know-How and Presowing Seed Treatment with This Powders to Increase Agricultural Crop Pathogen Resistance and Productivity

Tech Area / Field

  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials
  • AGR-PPR/Plant Protection/Agriculture

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Leading Institute
State Research and Production Firm "Temp", Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Russia, Moscow


  • Fachhochschule Neubrandenburg - Unit "Farm Management", Germany, Neubrandenburg

Project summary

Outgoing from modern scientific performances and practice of agriculture, seeds of all agricultural crops are treated with a mordant before sowing with the purpose to protect them from a lesion by pathogenic phytoedaphon - musty funguses, putrefactive microorganisms and depredators. Now to these purposes all over the world the chemical agents – pesticides – are applied by deposition of them on a surface of seeds. Huge number of used pesticides has different properties and specificity to a definite kind of seeds and plants; however, all of them have common fault –represent ecological threat to land, waters and plants, and also are generically unsafe.

The offered project guesses removal of the indicated lacks by usage of the ultra dispersed and hyperfine forms of metals for presowing processing of seeds. The metals in themselves have microbicidal properties, however from the technological point of view this property has began possible to use for processing of seeds to protect them in soil only after appearance of the technology allowing to obtain them in the ultra dispersed and hyperfine form. It has allowed to control a structure for processing of seeds depending on their biological potency.

The effect of ultra dispersed metals is based that in conditions of soil they are step-by-step oxidized, creating thereby on a seed surface unfavorable conditions for a habitation of pathogens.

Except for microbicidal effect, usage of structures including ultra dispersed powders of metals for presowing processing of seeds, as against some pesticides (mordants), according to the obtained provisional data, does not oppress and does not deform genetic system, that provides repeatability in productivity of plants.

The application of compositions of ultra dispersed powders of Cu, Fe and Zn can allow to decide a problem of maintenance of plantlets of plants by materials which are insufficient in soil, - in this case - microelements.

SRPF "TEMP" and Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in Moscow conducted a series of experiments in the indicated direction, which one have allowed to receive evidences verifying scientific principles which have been set up above. In laboratory and field conditions, in the production conditions in the Moscow and Rostov regions the powders were tested, they have permitted to receive high outcomes and an essential increase of a crop as contrasted to by monitoring processing by pesticides.

Within the frames of the project the improvement technically both commercially acceptable production equipment and process of obtaining of the ultra dispersed forms of cuprum, iron, zinc is offered as well as their certification, elaboration of optimum methods for processing of seeds with application of ultra dispersed metals, realization of the expanded tests with the purpose of obtaining the official conclusion of State Commission On Chemical Attractions Of Protection Of Plants and to preform the documents on realization of marketing researches.

The implementation of the offered project will help to introduce the noticeable contribution to the new technology of ultra dispersed metal powders, their adequate description, solution of problems of preservation and storage of UDP. It is supposed to decide a series of problems concerning effect of ultra dispersed metal powders on seeds, biological response of seeds and sprouts, features of development of plantlets, growth and development of plants, fructification and increase of a crop yield. It is planned comprehensively to learn effect of designed UDP on a degree of antibacterial effect, productivity of crops of an open and protected ground, capability of enrichment of plantlets by insufficient microelements.

The practical use of the obtained results can allow to substitute pesticides at presowing processing of seeds on the new materials containing metals in ultra dispersed and hyperfine forms - and thus to increase essentially the ecological safety of this operation and to defend soil and atmosphere from contamination by pesticides.

The alleged project will realize the purposes and problems ISTC:

– the elaborations in the field of the military technology receive application especially in the peaceful purposes - in an agriculture;

– the cooperation, planned on the project, with collaborators promotes integration in international scientific community in the field of agriculture concerning practically all countries;
– investigations and elaborations of technologies in peaceful purposes - in the field of an ecology and genetics of an agricultural production – will be developed;
– the offered technology will allow to introduce a substantial contribution to the technology of obtaining both analysis of properties of ultra dispersed and hyperfine metal powders - to this rather new area of science and engineering;
– the planned marketing researches and preparation of elaborations for practical usage respond transition to market economy, respond civil needs.


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