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Seismo-Electromagnetic Phenomena


Feasibility Study of Seismo-Electromagnetic Phenomena Using Satellite Observations

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  • SAT-EXP/Extraterrestrial Exploration/Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation

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Senior Project Manager
Ryabeva E V

Leading Institute
IZMIRAN, Russia, Moscow reg., Troitsk

Supporting institutes

  • Design Bureau "Arsenal", Russia, St Petersburg


  • University of Electro-Communications, Japan, Tokyo\nJAXA / Earth Observation Research Center (EORC), Japan, Tokyo

Project summary

Primary Project objective is study of seismo-electromagnetic phenomena by satellite observations and development of the physical model for lithosphere-ionosphere coupling.

Presently, a number of experimental facts is known which point to existence of the earthquake precursors, i.e. processes and phenomena generated in the atmosphere and near-earth plasma hours, days and weeks prior to the actual onset of the earthquake. The nature of these phenomena is not clear and is still the subject of many research efforts. Both satellite and ground-based observations during various stages of the earthquake preparation process showed formation of the anomalous electromagnetic emissions in the frequency range from fractions of Hz to a few MHz, amplitude and phase disturbances in signals of the ground-based VLF radio stations at the appropriate propagation paths, changes in the ion composition and plasma density, electric field strength in the ionosphere and induced air glow over the earthquake region, changes in the atmospheric gas composition and formation of the aerosol clouds. In IZMIRAN significant volume of the experimental data on plasma and wave measurements in the ionosphere, received within the framework of space experiments, carried out in 70-80 (the programs "COSMOS" and "Intercosmos") is at the moment available. In the specified activities IZMIRAN was leading organization on research experiments and at the moment is interested hereinafter use of a being available databank at the solution of the important technological problems, in particular a problem of monitoring of the seismic activity and control the earthquake preparation processes on orbit of a space vehicle.

Design Bureau "Arsenal" is one of the leading Russian enterprises for designing and creation of specialized satellites for scientific and applied studies.

The methodology of activities under the Project is based on realization experimental (processing and analysis of the. satellite data) and theoretical studies, thus the basic accent of theoretical activities will be connected to development of models for interpretation of the retrospective data of satellite measurements, first of all on ionospheric effects, caused by processes of the earthquake.

The simultaneous work at several directions is planned:

• Development of the concept of effect of lithosphere processes on near-earth space at the stage of preparation of earthquakes.

• Theoretical ground of main principles of the advanced concept.

• Systematization and analysis of existing experimental data and theoretical models for the substantiation of electromagnetic and plasma earthquake precursors concept.

• Technical report.

The suggested Project fully complies with the aims of ISTC. It will allow to make a noticeable step forward towards the creation of the space-based segment of future earthquake forecasting global system.

Expected results.

1. Consideration of feasibility and efficiency of satellite observation of plasma density and waves using «Intercosmos-24» («Aktivny»).

2. Systematization and analysis the existing data of Russian satellites («Apex», «Cosmos-900» and «Cosmos-1809») on the ionospheric earthquake precursors.

3. Theoretical modeling of seismogenic plasma density/waves perturbations observed by these satellites.

4. Development of the concept for the impact of lithosphere processes on near-earth space at the preparatory phases of earthquakes.

5. Development of the physical model for lithosphere-ionosphere coupling and substantiation of the satellite system for monitoring earthquake precursors.


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