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Gamma Recorder for Tomography


Gamma Recorder on Base of Code Aperture for Emissive Tomography with Reduced (3 to 5 Times) Patient Radiation Dose

Tech Area / Field

  • MED-RAD/Radiomedicine/Medicine

8 Project completed

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Senior Project Manager
Novozhilov V V

Leading Institute
MIFI, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Medical Equipment Service Center of the Russian Ministry for Internal Affairs, Russia, Moscow\nCentral Clinical Hospital of the Russian Ministry for Internal Affairs, Russia, Moscow\nNIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow

Project summary

Objective of the Project

To provide the possibility to reduce the radioactivity of the injected preparation, for instance technetium, into patient body while radioisotopic examination or to reduce its duration.

Technical approach

To achieve this objective, in the gamma camera a gamma recorder is used in which instead of the collimator a coding mask with many apertures is used. Till now the coding masks were not used in emissive tomographs. Their use would provide

- decrease of patient irradiation dose,
- increase in sharpness of image recording and
- economic profits while operating.

Work volume:

- Analysis and generalization of literature data to investigate the properties and to determine main operation characteristics of coding masks and recorders with coding masks and to use the masks in tomographs;
- Modeling the operation of the coding masks with variable thickness of the mask material;
- Designing the camera with the coding mask for a given geometry of recording;
- Making a breadboard of the gamma camera with the coding mask;
- Development of software for modeling and operation of gamma recorders as well as for revealing a tomographic effect of coding masks;
- Measurement of technical characteristics of the gamma camera with the coding mask in the emissive tomograph of the firm Picker;
- Working out recommendations on using the gamma recorder- for radioisotopic examination on the base of obtained results.

Anticipated results:

1. The decrease of patient radiation dose while radioisotopic examination.
2. The increase in sharpness of image recording.
3. Economic profits while operating

According to appreciation of Moscow Representation of American firm Picker developing emissive tomographs solution of the problems mentioned above is novel. Providing if only one of above advantages with using the gamma recorder with coding mask is improvement of the emissive tomograph. Study of a tomographic effect of coding masks; of noise origin and their compensation are of special interest.

Potential role of foreign collaborators

Scientific and technical consultations on gamma tomograph work that of the firm Picker (USA), for instance PRISM-2000 XP.

The participation of foreign specialists in definition and in discussion of research results, for example, specialists from the Laser Technology Institute of Osaka University (Japan) which employed code aperture while carrying out investigation on the thermonuclear fusion.