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Spherical Adsorbers and Catalysts from Aluminium Oxides


Development of Multiaimed Low-Waste Technology of Production of Spherical Aluminium Oxide and Catalysts and Adsorbents on its Base which Allows to Solve Urgent Ecological Problems in Various Branches of Industry

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  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials
  • CHE-SYN/Basic and Synthetic Chemistry/Chemistry

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Leading Institute
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Non-Organic Materials named after A. Bochvar, Russia, Moscow


  • Shell East Europe Company Limited, UK, London\nUniversity of Texas at Dallas, USA, TX, Richardson

Project summary

The Project aim is to organize fundamental and applied research work to create scientific base for the process of production of spherical aluminium oxide and catalysts and adsorbents on its base, also development of technology of their production.

During realization of the Project there will be conducted research of mechanisms of production of spherical aluminium gamme-oxide, of zeolite catalysts on the base of high cremnium zeolite, of tin-platinum reforming catalyst on the base of aluminium gamme-oxide, of sulphur adsorbent on the base of aluminium and manganese oxide.

The main attention in this research will be paid to conducting structural, porometric, solidity, catalyst and sorbtion tests of the product.

It is expected that during the process of realization of the Project the following scientific and technical problems will be solved:

· development of scientific base of the process of formation of aluminium oxide in spherical form;
· development of original methods of zol treating allowing to reduce significantly duration of forming (from several hours to several minutes), the final product possessing all the necessary physical and chemical properties and texture;
· creation of technology of spherical aluminium oxide formation on «nitrate-ammonia» scheme which completely excludes application of organic compounds which allows to use as construction materials the widely used types of stainless steel;
· development of continuous apparatus and technological scheme of the process;
· development of production methods of spherical zeolite catalysts on the base of high cremnium zeolite and aluminium gamme-oxide, of active tin-platinum oxide reforming catalyst on the base of aluminium gamme-oxide in spherical form and spherical sulphur adsorbent on the base of aluminum and manganese.

The general result of the Project will be development of multi-aimed low-waste energy-economizing production technology of the continuous process of catalysts and adsorbents in spherical form on the base of aluminium gamme-oxide. Parameters of this technology in many cases exceed ones developed in other countries and can be widely used to solve ecological problems in various industries.

Foreign collaborators could take an important and effective part in discussions of intermediate and final results of scientific work, in preparation of joint publications, in mutually beneficial improvement and realization of the worked out technologies in order to unfold experimental and industrial producing of spherical catalysts and adsorbents of various purposes, to initiate large scale scientific research work on widening range of application of these products in the non-military fields of economy.