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Mobile Manometer System


Researches and Development of a Technique and Mobile Manometer System for City Water Networks on the Basis of the Stand-Alone Surveyloggers of Water Pressure

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  • INS-MEA/Measuring Instruments/Instrumentation

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Leading Institute
Krylov Central Research Institute, Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • Vodokanal of St Petersburg, Russia, St Petersburg


  • DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Germany, Bremen

Project summary

The purpose of the project is the creation of mobile manometer system for water networks ensuring reception of operation data for optimization and reconstruction of systems of distribution and supply of water.

The realization of the project allows to solve the following problems connected to operation and reconstruction of water networks of cities:

— Adjustment of a mode of joint work of pump stations and water network.

For example, there are 9 main water stations and about 100 local pump stations in the city of St. Petersburg. Taking into account that operation of each of these stations affects the functioning of the whole water network it is clear that for lack of information about the rate of influence results in a superfluous pressure and overexpenditure in some areas, whereas other areas take consequences of a unsufficient pressure. The optimization of joint operation of stations and the a water network as a whole on the basis of the regress analysis of the data received in manometer survey will allow to lower the electric power consumption for water supply and distribution and to exclude irrational water consumption in volume at least to amount of water, consumed by area with the population of 100000 people, and to supply a demanded pressure at all water consumers.

— Estimation of throughput and detecting of pipelines with the lowered throughput.

The most of water communications, for example, in the city of St. Petersburg had been working for more than 50 years and pipes, owing to adjourment and corrosion have resistance raised in 2 – 5 and more of times. The mobile manometer survey allows to detect fragments of a networks requiring for prime reconstruction and thus to minimize both direct expenses for overhaul and indirect expenses connected to closing of a movement in cities.

— Detection of the latent outflow and plunder of water by illegally joined consumers.

For example, in the city of St.Petersburg the latent outflow and the plunder of water reach today not less than 15% daily water consumption (up to 450000 м3/day). At the same time, the deficiency of capacities of water cleaning structures makes 800000 м3/day. The detecting and partial elimination of outflow will allow to supply water to about 750 thousand people without emploing new capacities.

— Detection and prevention of hydraulic impacts resulting in failures of pipelines.

Mobile round-the-clock manometer survey allows to detect zones of water stations, water-pipes and water-main, which are exposed to hydraulic impacts more frequently.
The approximate quantity of water system failures in St.Petersburg potentially connected to hydraulic impacts, makes 400-600 per/year, that makes about 25% of all failures. Average cost of liquidation of one failure with replacement of a pipe diameter of 1200 mm makes 5500$, 400 mm - 2100$. Alongside with expected economic benefit, the exception of hydraulic impacts will ensure increase of reliability of water supply to consumers.

— Estimation and forecasting of a hydraulic condition of water networks with various kinds of on-off switching of pump stations, water consumers, water network sites including emergency causes.

Technical approach

The base for the decision of the problems specified is the manometer card and program model of a hydraulic condition of water network.

For realization of the manometer survey in a uniform time scale during long term (7 – 10 days) the technique of measurement will be developed and the stand-alone survey-loggers for water pressure will be created. The devices to register data of water pressure on a demanded period of time will be established in water manhole of surveyed areas of city. On the basis of data received the manometer card describing distribution and changes of pressure within 10 day in a uniform time scale with a period of 1 second will be made in PC.

For the decision of the listed problems connected to operation and reconstruction of city water networks, the computer system will be created, and programs of simulating of a hydraulic condition of networks of city in correspondence with the data received in the manometer survey will be developed. The computer model will allow to take reasonable decisions on operation and reconstruction of water networks.

Expected results

The scientific results consist in development of a technique of manometer survey, creating both mathematical models and software for simulating hydraulic systems.

The economic results from the contribution of the project to improvement of operation of water networks make only for city of St.Petersburg tens millions dollars per one year.

The practical output of the project consists in following:

- The computer system for manometer data logging for city water supply system is developed.
- The software products for simulating the city water system condition is developed.
- Ten stand-alone survey-loggers for water pressure are manufactured.
- The software for instrument service and for creating a data base is developed.

The commercial effect consists that the expenses for the project will be paid back within one year by manufacture 100 stand-alone survey-loggers for water pressure.