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Quasiparallel X-ray Beam


Development and Construction of an Acting Model of Powerful Quasiparallel Pulse X-ray Beam Source for Research, Industrial and Medical Applications.

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  • INS-OTH/Other/Instrumentation

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Leading Institute
Kurchatov Research Center / Institute of Nuclear Fusion, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow\nMRTI (Radio Techniques), Russia, Moscow\nVNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Project summary

For most of the X-ray radiation applications in Science, Industry and Medicine a point of principle importance is the necessity of bright, quasiparallel X-ray radiation beam.

The project objective comprises the development and investigation of an active model of the mobile (3 x 1 x l)m, bright (1010 quanta/cm2), pulse X-ray radiation source with the energy of quanta in the range of 20 - 40 keV, and the pulse length not more than 30ns combined with the X-ray capillary optics (XCO) that is feasible to transform an isotropic X-ray radiation into a quasiparallel beam with the pergence not exceeding 10-3 radian and cross-section area at least 300 mm2 ("X-ray Searchlight") or to focus the pergent radiation into a spot of given dimensions and shape with simultaneous hard component filtration of the initial radiation.

As a powerful X-ray pulse source a REB generator with the current I > l00 kA, voltage V > 300 kV and pulse length T < 10-7 sec is proposed to use. An electron beam bombarding the anode generates the bremsstrahlung radiation. In such high-current generator diodes an electron selffocusing occurs by the beam magnetic field. The calculations show that optimizing the beam parameters and that of the anode foil it is possible to yield about 10 % of a total bremsstrahlung radiation generated in the foil as the characteristic X-rays.

The distinctive feature of the proposed scheme is the possibility of using capillary X-ray optics (XRO) the creation principle of which was developed by the collaborators of RRC "Kurchatov Institute" under the guidance of Prof.M.A.Kumakhov and which is based on the multiple external reflection of X-ray radiation. This is a principally new approach to X-ray flux formation in a wide range of frequencies and angles. As one of the possible devices for the proposed project could be used a system consisting of a large number suitably curved polycapillaries. The X-ray passing through the microchannels of polycapillaries experience multiple reflections on the inner channel walls. As a result the total angle of X-ray radiation deflection is determined by the angle of wave guide bend and can essentially exceed the critical angle of external reflection q < Ep/E, where E - is the energy of quanta and Ep - the energy of plasmons in a wall substance of X-ray guides (in the case of BBe - glass, E is about 32 eV). Dependently on capillary arrangement geometry such systems can transform an X-ray beam with large initial pergence either into a near quasiparallel beam or into a convergent one.

The pulse "X-ray Searchlight" may find wide applications in Science and Industry: rapid proceeding processes diagnostics, defectoscopy, X-ray radiography, X-ray plasma diagnostics and so on; in Medicine: angiography, mammography, tomography, etc.

For this project realization there exist the necessary industrial base and qualified research and technical personnel having high experience in development and investigations of military application apparatus. The accomplishment of proposed project responds to the objectives of ISTC concerning the military development conversion.

Potential Role of Foreign Collaborators

The proposed project is supported by Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe Technik und Umwelt Institut fur Neutronenphysikund Reaktortechnik (Germany) and Sandia Lab., Palse Power Division (USA).

We are ready to consider any proposal for cooperation with foreign collaborators who are interested in this project with the purpose to search the additional financial support.