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Electromagnetic Stimulation of Atomic Processes


Electromagnetic Stimulation of Collective Atomic and Nuclear Processes in Laser Produced Plasma

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  • PHY-ANU/Atomic and Nuclear Physics/Physics

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Senior Project Manager
Malakhov Yu I

Leading Institute
Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TsNIIMash), Russia, Moscow reg., Korolev

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of General Physics named after A.M. Prokhorov RAS, Russia, Moscow\nMoscow State University, Russia, Moscow


  • University of Central Florida / Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers, USA, FL, Orlando

Project summary

The project main orientation is fundamental researches carrying out in the area of super strong electromagnetic fields appearance in solid plasma at high intensive short pulse laser radiation and the influence of these fields on collective atomic and nuclear processes in a laser produced plasma. The collective character of the processes taking place at this opens fundamentally new opportunities for energetic based on the reaction of pision of heavy nuclei and synthesis of light ones, for creation of new key technologies in atomic industry, rocket-space machine and device building as well as in other fields of national economy.

The suggested Project provides both theoretical and experimental researches on the following directions:

- construction of the model of intensive super short pulse (SSP) laser radiation interaction with matter with regard to created plasmas action on atoms and nuclei;
- spontaneous generation of electric and magnetic fields in laser produced plasma and their transformation by the atomic structures up to values of the strength near nucleus of the order of 1013 V/cm and 103 (1000) MGs respectively;
- research of stimulated electron continuum energy excitation in super strong fields of laser produced plasma;
- research of synchronous atomic and nucleus processes stimulated excitation with nuclei collective orientation in spontaneously generated magnetic fields;
- research of stimulated atoms cooling effect up to temperatures of Kelvin part with the overcooled atoms density up to 1019 cm-3;
- development of new technologies of "fast particles" acceleration with the flow more than 1017 W/cm and particles energy more than GeV;
- development of new energy technologies of nucleus reactions synchronous excitation and energy release processes stimulation at atomic-nucleus reactions in laser produced plasma.

Theoretical and experimental results obtained recently by TsNIIMash collaborators and published in the works

1. Arefyev V.I., Beliaev V.S. Specific Features of the Propagation of a High-Power Ultrashort Laser Pulse in a Solid-State Plasma. - Laser Physics, vol.5, № 4, p.856-867, 1995.
2. Arefyev V.I., Beliaev V.S. The Effect of Electron Continuum Energy Stimulated Release. - Doclady Academii Nauk, vol. 348, №3, 1996.
3. Beliaev V.S. Collective Effects of Laser Powerful Super-Short Pulses with Solid Targets. - Proceedings of 24th European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter. Madrid (Spain), June 3-7, 1996.
4. Arefyev V.I., Beliaev V.S. Electromagnetic Stimulation of Collective Atomic and Nuclear Processes in a Laser-Produced Plasma. - Laser Physics, vol.6, № 4, p. 1-19, 1996.

are in the basis of the Project works which are the new trend in researches of laser produced plasmas appearing at laser interaction with matter.

The suggested Project provides both theoretical and experimental researches of SSP laser radiation interaction with matter in the volume being enough for theoretical development confirmation as well as theoretical ideas of the process development on the base of experimental points and relations.

The descriptions of nonlinear nonstationar plasmas in particular modificated theory of ionization high frequency shortscale Weibel's instabilities of electron-anisotropic plasmas will be used and developed for the theoretical researches carrying out. The methods of physical process descriptions will be used and developed on the basis of quantum electrodynamics, atomic and nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, Liapunov's stability theory, synergetics.

The use of terawatt laser units with methods and means of laser radiation and laser produced plasmas diagnostic existing in the Project organization-participants is planned for experimental researches carrying out. The partial modernization of experimental base is planned also for the Project aim achievement.

During the first year of the Project realization the available data are going to be generalized and systematized, the modernization of available experimental base is going to be justified and carried on, theoretical and experimental researches are being carried out on the basis of available laser units, analytical models of wide processes range accompanying powerful shortpulse laser radiation interaction with matter is being build in the scales which can be commensurable with "skin-layer" size. During the second year a numerical model is being built on the basis of analytical one and both these models are being developed on phenomena and processes in the scale of the order of 10 atomic sizes. After the completion of the works on the Project the following results are planned to be obtained:

- construction and experimental grounds of modern conception of processes taking place at high intensity short pulse laser radiation interaction with matter on the basis of analytical and numerical models;
- definition of optimal conditions for electromagnetic stimulation of collective atomic and nuclear processes in a laser produced plasma according to laser radiation parameters, interaction geometry, matter characteristics;
- recommendations on practical use of determined phenomena and effects for new key technologies creation and development in atomic industry, rocket-space machine and device building and other brunches of the national economy, the suggestions on further researches formation;
- organization of international cooperation in given direction of fundamental physical researches.

The potential function of foreign collaborators is in establishment of the contacts of the Project executors with foreign firms and scientists, interested in researches carrying out in this direction, in comparison of the obtained results with the foreign centers results, in check out of obtained effects existence and substantiation of suggested models at the experimental units of the foreign centers and as the final result in further researches arrangement in the framework of joint projects and programs.