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Biopreparation for Plants Protection


Development of Operation Practice of New Marketable form of a Biopreparation - Ecologically Clean Means of Plant Protection

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  • AGR-PPR/Plant Protection/Agriculture

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Leading Institute
AO Omutninsky Scientific Experimental and Industrial Base, Russia, Kirov reg., Vostochny

Project summary

Objective of the project is the creation of new marketable form of biological preparation - ecologically clean plant protection means, development of industrial technology and setting up of full-scale production.

In order to fulfil the objective set it is offered to solve the following tasks:

- to study the processes of culturing Pseudomonas fluorescens /IP-33 in 250l capacity ferments, that provides the production of culture liquid with the content of live cells (30-50)ґ109 in 1;
- to study the effect of different concentration methods of culture liquid on cell viability and to develop the technology that provides the production of concentrated suspension with (80 - 120)ґ109 content of live cells in 1;
- to study the influence of parameters of freeze-drying process on the maintenance of cell viability and to substantiate the optimal mode of drying;
- to study keeping quality of Ps.fluorescens cell viability in new marketable form of the preparation with (100-200)ґ109 content of live cells in a packaging unit (bottle) at the storage of the preparation in the range of 0-25° С and to develop a recommendation for storage of preparation;
- to make comparative efficiency evaluation of the old (liquid) and new (lyophilized) marketable form of preparation;
- to specify criteria of evaluation and methods of control, providing the production of standardized preparation.

As a result of works performed new marketable form of ecologically clean preparation - plant protection means will be created and its operation practice will be developed.

Technical approach and methodology

The study of the influence of culturing parameters and nutrient medium composition is planned to carry out with laboratory equipment.

Concentrating and production of lyophilized preparation is planned to master with laboratory and semi-industrial equipment.

So, by the results of studies it will be specified the composition of the required industrial equipment, order of production will be developed, and planned batches of preparation will be manufactured

Therefore, project implementation will allow performing applied studies, using the potential of scientists previously involved in the developments in the field of antibiological defense, and practical implementation of the results of these studies will meet the demands to increase the production of agricultural produce and to decrease unfavorable effects on the environment in a process of this produce production, that conforms with the objectives of ISTC.