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Ceramics Thermosynthesis in Combustion Wave


Development of New Resource-Saving Technologies for Ceramic Material Production: High resistant Pigments, Heat Shielding, Plasters, Filters, etc.; by the Method of Controllable Thermosynthesis in Combustion Wave Using Industrial Metal-Containing Wastes

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  • MAT-CER/Ceramics/Materials

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NPO Soyuz (2), Russia, Moscow reg., Dzerzhinsky

Project summary

Based on successes in chemistry, technology as well as in combustion processes of special compositions it has been developed a small power consumption method for production of high resistant inorganic pigments and ceramic materials using the controllable synthesis in combustion wave. Such synthesis allows to decrease the time of material production compared with the well-known technology, i.e. from 6-48 hours to 1-10 min as well as to decrease the warm-up time from 1200... 2000 С to 20... 500 С. Besides the reduction of power consumption process of pigment and ceramic materials production, this technology allows to use industrial metal-containing wastes as the raw materials. Under the thermosynthesis in combustion wave all instable compounds containing in them can be decomposed with the oxides to form. Then they enter into solid-phase reaction with stable crystalline compounds of spinel, rutile, cordierite type, etc., to form. High stability and nontoxicity of pigments and other ceramic materials being produced are due to these compounds. The proposed method of stable ceramic materials production permits to use the industrial metal-containing wastes as the initial raw materials. Also many important ecological problems could be handled using such method, because currently there are a lot of wastes from such productions as galvanic, leather, chemical etc., should be disposed.

The tasks of this project are the following:

- development of scientific bases for new small power consumption method of ceramic material production (ceramic pigments, filters, heat shield materials etc.);
- development of technology for the pilot-industrial processing of nondisposable metal-containing wastes as well as the pigment production, etc. ceramic materials using the controllable synthesis in combustion wave.
- setting up of new working places in the defense industry based on the foundation of highly remunerative conversion production scarce goods (pigment and ceramic materials).

This project is planned to execute using the pilot basis of FCDT "Soyuz". The available buildings and equipment of special production as will as highly skilled personnel in defense (including physics and chemistry of combustion processes) will be used for this project. Except the decision of the fundamental scientific problems of ceramic materials production in combustion wave, the pilot-industrial technology of processing of metal-containing wastes which are not currently disposed as well as production of highly stable inorganic pigments. They have been successfully tested by many consumers (leather, polymeric, ceramic, paint and varnish industries). A number of marketing and technological researches concerning the ceramic materials, produced by the method of thermosynthesis, combustion wave will be done.

The technology developed during this project will allow to set up the productions for processing of metal - containing wastes not far from the big plants, which can produce a lot of such wastes as well as to organize the large regional centers.

They will be able to process the metal - containing muds from different enterprises of this region with the production of various scarce goods.


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