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Conductive Polymer Composites


Creation of New Conductive Polymer Composites Capable to Work in Extreme Conditions

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  • MAT-ELE/Organic and Electronics Materials/Materials
  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Lapidus O V

Leading Institute
Institute of Machine Mechanics, Georgia, Tbilisi

Supporting institutes

  • Georgian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Physics (Ge), Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Central Michigan University/Center for Applications in Polymer Science, USA, MI, Michigan\nOxyVinyls L.P. Resin Technology, USA, OH, Avon Lake\nPolytechnic University / Polymer Research Institute, USA, NY, Brooklyn

Project summary

The Project foresees creation of new conductive polymer composites (CPC) with given properties, allows their exploitation under high pressures, at low and high temperatures, in aggressive media based on widespread thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, and inorganic fillers (graphite, carbon black, metal powders) in a wide range of CPC specific volumetric resistance (v) from insulators to superconductors with their application in electrical and radio engineering, automation.
The novelty of works conducted on the project is production of CPC and articles based on both known and original technological processes. Among last methods are formation of CPC structures at combining following physical factors: mechanical stresses, temperatures, electrical and magnetic fields, laser radiation at variation in wide range of their magnitudes.
The experiments carried out on model composites pursue an object – to elucidate the nature of CPC conductivity by generalization and analysis of the results obtained, which will clearly promote increasing optimization of technological methods for creation of a new CPC with desirable properties. The combining and choice of physical factors will be conducted in depend on the technical requirements presented to CPC in accordance with the problem.
Fulfillment of the project is equal to solution of the following problems:
1. creation of CPC, flexible and stable at temperatures up to 673 K with rv =10-5...104 Ohmm based on thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics with positive, negative and zero temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) by polymerization filling under the influence of temperature, pressure, magnetic and electric fields, electromagnetic radiation at variation of these factors in a wide range;
2. creation and investigation of rigid and durable CPC at temperatures 4,2 ...773K and pressures up to 1010 Pa on the bases of composites treated at high temperatures (pyrolisis) in inert media and in condition of laser irradiation. The obtained CPC will be characterized by rv =10-5...104 Ohmm. with semiconductor properties of p- and n-type;
3. investigation of the mechanism of CPC conductivity under normal and anomaly conditions;
4. creation of new CPC high-temperature superconductors (HTSC) based on mixtures of polymers and ceramics of YbaCuO type by method of stage thermal treatment of mixtures at atmospheric and high pressures;
5. creation of technical products on the basis of obtained materials of various shape and overall dimension with rv=10-5-104 Ohmm with any TCR:
· transducers with sensitivity to deformation from 2 to 40;
· automatic switches on the basis of CPC with the relay effect for the schemes of automatic control;
· sheet flexible and rigid electric heaters of various size of medical, domestic and industrial purpose with the uniform temperature field on the surface from 80 to 773К;
· electrodes for chemical sources of current (fuel elements) and generators of hydrogen;
All set forth materials and products on their basis will be tested on stability to oxidation and the stabilizers-inhibitors protect materials from these processes will be recommended.