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Toxic Agents Annihilations


Investigation and Work out of the Plasma-Chemical Technology Principles of Weapons Toxic agents Annihilation on the Basis of Power A.C. Plasma Generators Application

Tech Area / Field

  • ENV-RED/Remediation and Decontamination/Environment

8 Project completed

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Senior Project Manager
Malakhov Yu I

Leading Institute
Institute of Problems of Electrophysics, Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • TRINITI, Russia, Moscow reg., Troitsk\nVNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Project summary

Investigation and work out of the basic ground of plasma-chemical technology of weapons toxic agents (WTA) annihilation using A.C. power plasma generators as plasma-forming units are the main work trends of the project. At high temperature (T > 2000 K), obtained using these plasma generators, it is possible to decompose the original material to separate elements. Oxidization and gasification of these elements take place if the air is used as plasma-forming gas. Obtained products will be treated very thoroughly in the cleaning process in spite of a relatively small content of nonorganic toxic substances (SO2, NOx, etc.). The basis of cleaning is the controlled processes of cooling and liquid chemosorption.

The main unit, determining effective and reliable work of the facility, which can be designed using the research results, obtained in the process of the project accomplishment, is plasma generator, working in a durable long lifetime regime.

It is assumed to use A.C. power plasmatrons as plasma generators in the project. The distinguishing peculiarity of these plasma generators in contrast to D.C. plasma generators is their simplicity and reliability of its chamber construction (absence of magnetic system, ceramic insulators, etc.). Power supply system of these plasma generators is ordinary and dependable (supply net, transformer) and is easily controlled (valves). The heat exchange with the A.C. arcs (especially three-phase ones) is much more effective than with the arc of D.C.

In the process of the project accomplishment different designs and constructions of plasma generators electrode units will be investigated with the goal of their lifetime operation capability increase. Besides that, several types of destruction chambers for modeling chemical substances (WTA surrogates) will be developed. Plasma-chemical processes of these substances destruction will be experimentally investigated and theoretically analyzed. The pilot plant facility is to be designed and created on the basis of the experimental results.

Potential Role of the Foreign Investors

At present time the mutual works with Scientific Utilization Incorporation (USA) are being carried out. This company performs the final adjustment of plasma equipment, intended for toxic waste destruction, in accordance with the requirements of American market.

Besides that Scientific Utilization Incorporation (SUI) partly finances the works, accomplished by IPE RAS in the trend of plasma technologies of toxic wastes destruction. In future it is expected to create a pilot plant on toxic wastes destruction in the USA together with SUI Company.