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Powder Solidifyers of Epoxy Resins


Selection and Investigation of New Powder Metallocomplex Agents as Solidifyer of Epoxy Resins for Refinement of Technological Processes During Manufacturing Electrical Insuletion of Big Electrical Engines

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  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology
  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials
  • OTH-ELE/Electrotechnology/Other

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Leading Institute
Yerevan Institute of Architecture and Construction, Armenia, Yerevan

Project summary

The objectiv of this project is to develop requirements, selection and studies of the new typ of epoxy resin solidifyer, which woud allow to perfect the technology of manufacturing electrical insulation of big electrical engines. Studies carried out in this area so far are mainly directed to investigation and introduction into insulating materials only solidification accelerators for epoxy compounds.

The realization of this project will permit to acheeve new developments in substantial improvment of the process of vacuum-supercharge impregnation of insulations of big electrical engines on the basis of implementation of new agents, which solidify epoxy resin and are introduced in advance into porous tnsulating materials.

All the staff involved in the exculation of this project are well experienced in research work, master the subject and the technology of investigation.

As a result of the realization of this project for the first time a new agent will be selected and proposed implementation - powder solidifyer of epoxy resin.

The qualities of new solidifyer will permit to implement for the first a line of new technological solutions in manufacturing composite materials and in electrecal engineering industry. They will improve environment ecology in manufacturing industry, will lead to saving of materials being used in manufacture.

The project is targeted to support fundamental and applied investigation for peaceful purposes.

The project proposal includes planning and execution of theoretical and axperimental research work to define:concentration of the new solidifyer, studies of physical-mechanical and dielectric properties of epoxy resin, solidified by new solidifyer, protection of the process of polimerization and regime of solidification of epoxy resin.

The score of participation of forein collaborators in the project - evaluation of research results and their credibility, collaboration in carrying out measurments, participation in scientific presentations and publications.