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Inert Gases Cleaning Technology


Development of New Plasma Technologies of Fine Purification of Inert Gases.

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  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology

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Senior Project Manager
Bunyatov K S

Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Moscow State University / Department of Physics, Russia, Moscow


  • Atomergic Chemicals Corp., USA, NY, Farmington

Project summary

Present multiform worldwide demand in high-pure substances forces the investigators and research workers to develop new methods of their purification. According to the character of main separation processes these methods are subpided into groups. Chemical, sorption, diffusion,including those applying semipermeable partitions, and other methods have in the mean time the most frequent practical implementation. However, these methods are accompanied by high overspending of the material and characterised by low velocity of chemical and physical separation processes. Therefore , all technologies applying the above methods are peculiar for low efficiency and large wastes.

Known plasma gas mixtures separation methods (see[1] )have no these draw-backs but are characterized by large unproductive energy consumption. Due to this reason such methods still fail to exceed the limits of research Laboratories.

The objective of this project is to develop plasma technology of the inert gases fine purification that preserving all advantages of known plasma methods, i.e. high efficiency, wastelessness, ecological safety, will differ from them in low specific power inputs.

At the first stage of the project it is intended to develop thorough He purification technology; to assemble and test a mock-up of the industrial separation facility which will be capable to carry out fine tie purification to a purity not less than 99,99995% and to form a scientific basis for the further developments of the similar technologies of the other inert gases fine purification. To meet the steps mentioned above, theoretical and experimental investigations on the spatial distribution of the gas discharge (GD) plasma small admixture components will be carried out not only in tie but in other inert gases as well. At the stage of the theoretical and research study of this problem a boundary layer character of the plasma equations solutions will be taken into account, whereas at the stage of mathematical processing of the obtained experimental measurements results will bе used a regularization method developed to solve incorrectly stated problems

The foregoing objective will be attained by using a self, consistent field of gas discharge(GD)plasma,i.e.a field generated by its space charges (2,3), as a force field performing separation in nonequilibrium plasma instead of an external electric field External electric field here will be necessary only to maintain GD in a state of diffusion, so it can be reduced to a minimum Equipment necessary to implement such technology will be simple in manufacturing and unexpensive.

Thus, due to the growing demands in pure inert gases that are currently widely used for creating superbig integrated circuits and lightguids with low optical losses; for preparation of test gas mixtures in metrology as well as in chromatography, space investigations an other fields, development and introduction of such new plasma technologies for mass production of the pure inert gases in the industry will be economically attractive.

Reassuring results of the theoretical and experimental investigations carried out by the contributors to the project and some other specialists within previous years on the topic of the project and in the fields adjacent give to them confidence. These results are stated in theses, published in series of scientific articles and executed as the VHIIEP invention protected by the certificate of authorship (see [2-4] ). Material reflected in the above publications forms the basis for technical approach and developments methodology of the technology related to fine purification of inert gases in nonequilibbiura plasma from small admixtures composed from both electropositive and electronegative components.A number of сompanies and research laboratories have expressed interest to the scope of the project, Contributors to the project are establishing contacts with employees of these laboratories and in the course of the fulfilment of the project it's intended to carry out collaborative activities associated with technical consultations and discussions of the results obtained.