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Preparation of structurally uniform poliazaporfines and network polymers of propiolate and propargilate type for development of new functional materials and sensors.

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  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Compton J

Leading Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences / Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russia, Moscow\nJoint Stock Company PRACTIC-NC, Russia, Moscow, Zelenograd


  • University of Rome, Italy, Rome\nUniversität Tübingen / Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Germany, Tübingen\nUniversität Bremen / Institut für Organische Chemie, Germany, Bremen

Project summary

The main goal of proposed project is development of high-sensitive chemical sensors and instruments based on; as well as preparation of new polymers and functional materials based on.

On the grounds of earlier developed preparation methods we suppose to carry out a number of syntheses of regularly varying series of polyazaporphines (PA), differing from the known ones in the structure of their ligands, degree of crystallinity, nature and contents of metal etc. and of polypropiolates (PPo) and polypropargilates (PPg) - network polymers, consisting of conjugated double bonds framework with saturated bridges between network sites and varying in length and chemical structure of those bridges.

These polymers should be characterized with chemical, spectral, X-ray, thermogravimetrio and some other kind of analysis data.

They should be used for development of materials on their grounds in the shape of thin films, blends and compositions.

Detailed electric, magnetic and sensor characteristics should be obtained for each specimen prepared.

A selection should be made for instruments development, using structural, phase and physico-chemical analysis data, on one hand, and electric, magnetic and sensor properties, on the other.

The design development and novel sensors production will be carried out on the basis of experience and equipment, which have been successful in production of chemical sensors for classified purpose for some years.

This project should allow to solve some problems of defense industry conversion and environment protection, such as hazardous and poisonous compounds leakage monitoring, particularly, in the process of chemical weapons annihilation. Since the instruments development and production require the employment of qualified personnel, who have previously filled orders for defense industry, but now can loose their jobs due to the cuttings in those orders, the project has social orientation as well. Besides detectors for gaseous media monitoring, we are going to develop new versions of moisture and temperature detectors.