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Metal Hydride Automobile Refrigerator


Development of Metal Hydride Refrigerator, Working on Heat of Internal Combustion Engine Exhaust Gases

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  • NNE-MEC/Miscellaneous Energy Conversion/Non-Nuclear Energy
  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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NPO Lutch, Russia, Moscow reg., Podolsk

Project summary

The objective of the Project is development, manufacture and testing of an experimental sample of metal - hydride refrigerator, working on heat of exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine. The given offer is the prolongation of researches and developments, executed in 1995-1998 under the Project ISTC # 058-95. The research equipment, the stands, the process equipment, the computer equipment earlier acquired on means ISTC on the Project # 058-95, can be used in this Project. In this Project metal hydride refrigerator of continuous action with more high energy parameters will be designed. This will be reach owing to following new technical decisions:

1. To use of effective countercurrent heat exchangers with use of a residual heat (cold) recuperation of spent heat-carrier.

2. To use of valveless system of switching of heat-carrier streams in the refrigerator of continuous action.

3. To use of more effective intermetallic alloys, hydrides and metal hydride pairs with improved thermal-physical and thermodynamic characteristics.

4. To improve of the heat transfer between the metal hydride powders and the walls of sorber reactor, at the expense of application of composites with the thermal-conductive matrix.

The realization of the complex of the constructional and the technological measures on the increase of the overal metal hydride performance of the refrigerator will allow on preliminary calculations to ensure following parameters of the refrigerator:

The performance of the Project will allow to create the prototype of the automobile (ship) refrigerator or ship conditioner with high heat power parametrs.

When the Project #058-95 performing a number reports on the metal hydride heat pumps on international conferences on hydrogen topic were presented.

The direct contacts with collaborators of the Project # 058-95 doctor E. Aciba and professor S. Suda and discussions and information interchange with such leading specialists as doctor G. Libowitz (USA), doctor P. Dantzer and doctor P. Millet (France) allow to execute proposed development on modern scientific level.