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Dose Load Reduction


Medical X-ray Image Digital System with Large Image Area, Enhanced Image Quality and Reduced Patient Radiation Dose.

Tech Area / Field

  • MED-RAD/Radiomedicine/Medicine
  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine

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Senior Project Manager
Ryabeva E V

Leading Institute
NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • All-Russian Research Institute of Automatics, Russia, Moscow


  • PGI Corporation, USA, CA, Los Altos Hills\nNOVA R&D, Inc., USA, CA, Riverside

Project summary

Objective of the Project

Development of X-ray diagnostic installation model and conduct a research on it for choice of optimum system variant which make possible to produce high quality large area X-ray images with small patient dose radiation.

The technical approach

The use of CCD-sensor array and a scanning mechanism with time delay integrate device that makes it possible to obtain image area of 20 ґ 30 cm2.

Anticipated results

Operating experimental X-ray image record installation and technical recommendation for production of Panoramic Dental X-ray Systems with the capability to scan diagnostic area that measures 15 ґ 30 cm2 and of Digital X-ray mammography systems with the capability to scan diagnostic area that measures 18 ґ 30 cm2.

It is anticipated to achieve positional resolution 8 (l.p.)/mm for orthopantomography and 16 (l.p.)/mm for mammography. Patient dose radiation would reduce in 3...5 times.

Potential role of foreign collaborators

- Making of line CCD-arrays in accordance with specifications.
- Joint estimation of parameters of basic system units.