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New Monomers and Oligomers for Power Semiconductor Devices


Development and Research of Composition Materials on Base of the New Monomer and Olygomer Products Containing Symm-Triazine and Element-Organic Substances, with High Physical-Chemical and Heat-Physical Properties and Their Application in Power Semiconduct

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  • CHE-POL/Polymer Chemistry/Chemistry
  • INF-ELE/Microelectronics and Optoelectronics/Information and Communications

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Leading Institute
Parmet, Armenia, Yerevan

Supporting institutes

  • Armenian State Pedagogical University, Armenia, Yerevan


  • RDL Equipment, USA, AZ, Gilbert\nIntech-Mark, USA, AZ, Chandler

Project summary

Primary objective is synthesis of the composition materials with given physical chemical and mechanical properties. with the aim using in the assembly technology of power semiconductor devices.

Secondary objective is – Research the possibility of application these materials in the assembly technology of power semiconductor devices.

Nowadays it is very difficult to imagine the development of the High Technologies and the production of high-precision machine building, electrotechnical and electronic industrial goods without using the new composition materials with the high physical and mechanical, electrical and chemical indexes.

Especially rapid development of the synthesis of the new multifunctional composition materials was obtained in 70th years. Higher demand on analogous materials from industrial branches stimulated the working out absolutely new methods of the synthesis with the aim to obtain composition materials with the required qualities; these are, particularly, special hermetic, current conductive glues, environment and radiation stable grounds and varnishes.

These materials have the highest use especially in the rapidly developing high technologies and scientific productions, such as machine-building, electric technical and electronic. The usage of those allowed to decide such the important aspects of the production such as the miniaturization of the dimensions, weight indexes of final industrial goods, optimization of the technological cycles, complete exception or maximum shorten of the labour-intensive, multi-stepped operations and etc.

At the same time the usage of those materials allowed to improve some main exploitation characteristics of the industrial goods considerably, especially their environment and wear resistance.

With the raising of the requirements of reliability and long-term of semiconductor devices, the use of the similar materials sharply increased in assembly and packaging technologies of semiconductor devices have acquire. The materials named “current – conductive” glues and compounds obtained the special meaning ensuring the getting of the reliable ohm contacts with considerable improvement of the weight and dimensions characteristics of devices, that was solely important for devices using in military airspace technique.

It is well known, the obtained ohm contacts are characterized by low transitional resistance metal-semiconductor and linear in the operating range of currents. The specific meaning of the ohm contact is also adhesion of the metallic films to the surface of the semiconductor structure, that depends on the concrete technology of metallization considerably. Further technological processes of assembly of structure on the thermo-compensatory or the base of body, mainly being conducted by the method of high-temperature melting or soldering, require the repeatedly cleaning of details’ surface and use a complicated technological rigging for ensuring the group way of process.

Development of the new technology of assembly and packaging of the semiconductor devices with using composition materials, particularly, “current-conductive” and dielectric glues as well as environment stable hermetic and grounds, due to the shorten of technological cycle and excluding of complicated and high-priced technological rigging, and also reducing specific consumption of materials and energy of the processes, will allow to ensure an efficient way of getting the ohm contacts with improved exploitation characteristics.

The purposes of the proposed project are:

1. Synthesis and researches of new nitrogen and element containing reactionary organic substances for development of hermetic and glue’s compositions with constructive purpose on their basis, having high hermetic, fungous-resistance, mechanical and electrical durability, radiation- and environment stability. Alongside with research of the physical-chemical and mechanical characteristics of these compositions in various climatic conditions and environments, the researches of the compositions in cryogenics and high-temperature modes will also be carried out.

2. Synthesis and researches of new nitrogen and element containing monomers and olygomers with the purpose to develop on their basis of the hermetic, glues, varnishes and grounds, maintaining high vacuum, having high heat-, frost- and environment - resistance.

3. Creation of the filled materials with high hardness and various configuration on the base of metal-organic monomers and olygomers.

4. Synthesis of new generation highly effective chelat-type hardeners on the basis of nitrogen and element containing heterocyclic substances and ions of metals with variable valency. It is necessary to note; that these hardeners will be also served as pigments, with ability to keep obtained shade of composition material in various climatic conditions and in high temperatures as well.

5. Research of use opportunity of the above-mentioned new materials in technology of assembly and hermetic sealing of power semiconductor devices.

According to the purposes and tasks ISTC within the framework of the proposed project it is supposed to organize research group from leading specialists of chemical faculty of the Armenian state pedagogical university and former Scientific Manufacturing Enterprise "Transistor", the one of the big semiconductor plant of the former USSR, previously involved in defensive and military subjects.

Realization of the Project will make it possible to solve a set of problems, which correspond to the purposes of ISTC:

– reorientation of high-qualified scientific stuff, engineers and technical workers, being previously working in the defense and military sphere, to solving peace problems;

– providing the scientists with an alternative peaceful job;
– further integration of scientists, working in the sphere of armament, with the international society of scientists;
– development of science-consuming technologies in Armenia; etc.

The potential role of foreign collaborators is to discuss the problems and exchange the information, obtained during the implementation process of the Project, carry out joint investigations, check the results- using independent methods, also take part in scientific seminars and conferences, organized by the executor. The collaborators may also assist the commercialization of the obtained results and their progress to the market.

The planned work of the Project is based on the long standing experience of the stuff in the field of developing the monomer and polymeric materials and power semiconductor devices, which points out the possibility of getting positive results, corresponding to the aims of the Project.