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Microsecond Technological Laser


Development of Pulse Solid-State Laser of Microsecond Duration and Investigation of Its Applicability in Materials Processing

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  • PHY-OPL/Optics and Lasers/Physics

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LT-Pyrkal, Armenia, Yerevan


  • Beam Engineering for Advance Measurements Co., USA, FL, Winter Park\nTRW Inc./ Space and Electronics Croup, USA, CA, Redondo Beach

Project summary

The purpose of the Project is the development of solid-state laser with a pulse duration 1-10 microseconds as well as the research of opportunities of its technological applications for materials processing.

The important part of the Project belongs to the development of optimal scheme of microsecond laser, creation of electronic devices of control of the duration of laser radiation and investigation of the influence of microseconds laser pulses on the different materials. Such statement of problem is justified by the solid-state pulse technological lasers which are applied now have either «short» duration – from femto-second to hundreds nanoseconds, or «long» duration - from parts to tens of milliseconds - ranges. Solid-state laser with a several microseconds pulse duration, which is situated between two above- mentioned levels, practically are not applied for materials processing.

Meanwhile, combination of high energy with high peak power of microsecond pulses makes their use in technological systems rather perspective, as from efficiency increasing point of view as well as for improvement of material processing quality.

In 1975 to 1990 in Scientific-Research Center “Lazerayin Technika” there were carried out the research and development of different types of lasers, included the application of solid-state lasers in the technological procesees of cutting, drilling, engraving various materials. Preliminary experimental researches allow showing definitely positive effects in materials processing with the help of pulse microsecond lasers. In particular, in case of metals the cut became deeper and the purity was higher.

However, achievement of reliable results of application of microsecond pulse duration requires development and making of special technical resources – effective, stable laser, electronic control sources of radiation duration. It is required also carrying out of detailed researches of microsecond laser pulses influence on various materials.

So, within the framework of the Project, we suggest:

– To develop a solid-state laser with a pulse duration 1-10 microseconds, with pulse energy up to 0.5 J.

– To develop a power supply and mode controller for solid-state pulse laser.
– To form laboratory prototype of the laser technology system on the bases of developed laser.
– To investigate the influence of the microsecond pulses on different materials.

In result of realising of the Project, it will be formed laboratory prototype of laser technological system on the bases of microsecond laser and recommendation of its application in technological processes of materials processing will also be prepared.

The proposed Project complies with requirements and corresponds to the status of ISTC and necessitated by creation of alternatives for scientists and engineers and technical personnel, previously worked in the USSR (1978-1990) in the military field of industry. The volume of work – 341 person/month.


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