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Control of Chemical Weapon Destruction


Development of the System of Ecotoxicological Control in the Territories Subjected to Radioactive and /or Chemical Contamination (Including of Mass Weapons Destruction)

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  • ENV-RED/Remediation and Decontamination/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Evstyukhin K N

Leading Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences / Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Medical Radiological Scientific Center, Russia, Kaluga reg., Obninsk\nScientific & Production Association “Typhoon”, Russia, Kaluga reg., Obninsk


  • Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, Norway, Oslo\nFenix Technology International, Inc., USA, VA, Herndon

Project summary

A major problem of a system of ecological monitoring in the territories with potentially dangerous active or planned objects of a military-industrial complex, nuclear power energetics is their ecological safety. This largely applies to the objects of mass weapon production, storage and destruction. In this case a system of ecological monitoring should be based on a complex approach which would permit to control this or that pollutant content in the environment and food products as well as to reveal and to estimate the near and remote consequences of the whole totality of anthropogenic and adverse natural effects on human organism and the environment in regions of potentially dangerous industries (PDI). Decision of specified problems is imposible without highly effective automated means of objective diagnostics of toxicological effects, which should be equally reliable under stationary conditions and mobile laboratories, be accesible for regime control. Analysis shows, that some elements are developed to estimate the toxic environmental effects on biological objects, however, the whole system of operative and complex diagnostics is lacking now.

Objectives: using a world experience testing the environment, the project seeks to create a system of operative ecotoxicological control of the territories exposed to radioactive and/or chemical contamination, including control of measures on mass weapons destruction, wich can solve the following problems:

- accumulation of objective data on ecological conditions in the territory with a high technogenic load and also for ecological examination of the territorial location of weapons destruction objects;

- monitoring, periodic observations and single studies of environmental object pollution, food products and genotoxicity in regions of prospective PDI location and during their functioning;

- real-time evalution and forecast of impurity distribution in the environment from pollutants emission sources during their normal operation and in case of worst-case situations;

- evalution and forecast of the near and remote consequences of mutagenic impurity effects on human health in regions of PDI location and functioning.

This project is planned to be realized on the basis of scientific and technical information of the creative collective of scientists and experts, long time engaged in developing the means of delivary, testing and destruction of weapons, including nuclear and chemical, ecological control of these measures; developed and world methods of biotesting, studying the fundamental mechanisms of pollutant formation and environmental structure and properties under technogenic effects as well as medical aspects of injury factors and radiation and toxicant effects on human health.

With a developed research basis and inventions, literature and another science-technical information, in the course of this project an unique multifunctional system will be created of monitoring, analysis, evaluation and forecast of variations of ecotoxicological conditions in territories with a high anthropogenic load and in regions of mass weapons storage and destruction. It will include an installation "ECTEC" for genotoxicological control and appropriate software.

At the first stage this system will be used to estimate and to forecast variations in the conventionally-background ecological state in Bryansk and Kaluga regions exposed to radioactive contamination after the Chernobyl accident as well as territories of mass weapons storage and destruction.

The use of a system "ECTEC" will guarantee the real-time determination of space-time variations of toxic PDI discharges and emissions in environmental objects, the operative forecast and evaluation of these pollutant impacts on the environment and human health. The obtained information will be basis in developing adequate preventive measures and counter-measures for various scenarios of worst-case situations at PDIs. The introduction of a complex system "ECTEC" can reduce the cost of studies, monitoring and ecological examinations of mass weapon destruction objects and simultaneously rise the significance of a system of environmental control and monitoring as a whole.