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Kyshtim Monitoring


Nuclear waste management and disposal at MAYAK site.

Tech Area / Field

  • ENV-WDS/Waste Disposal/Environment

8 Project completed

Registration date

Completion date

Senior Project Manager
Urezchenko V M

Leading Institute
IGEM (Geology & Mineralogy), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • NPO Mayak, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Oziorsk
  • VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk
  • Institute of Dynamics of the Geosphere, Russia, Moscow
  • Gidrospetsgeologiya, Russia, Moscow
  • Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russia, Moscow
  • Institute of Experimental Mineralogy, Russia, Moscow reg., Chernogolovka
  • AO Progress / Plant Biopharm, Kazakstan, Stepnogorsk
  • Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russia, Moscow


  • Institut für Radiochemie, Germany, Dresden
  • British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (BNFL), UK, Chesire, Risley Warrington