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Compressors Efficiency


Experimental Installation for Research of Unstable Processes and Means for Increasing of Efficiency of Compressors

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  • SAT-AER/Aeronautics/Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation

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Senior Project Manager
Tocheny L V

Leading Institute
TsIAM (Aviation Motors), Russia, Moscow


  • Royal Institute of Technology / Division of Heat and Power Technology, Sweden, Stockholm\nUniversity of Cambridge / Whittle Laboratory, UK, Cambridge

Project summary

The main purpose of the project consists in re-equipment of the compressor stand, having unique opportunities and intended early only for tests of compressors of aviation engines of military assignment in installation suitable for realization of fundamental researches of sources of losses and of unsteady processes in compressors of the widest assignment.

The necessity of creation of similar experimental installation is caused by the development of modern turbomachines,which are widely used as in aviation engines, as in other power plants, implemented in energetic, is constrained largely by a low level of knowledge about sources of losses at unsteady processes, connected to interaction of rotated; blade rows with next blade rows. case and other elements of a turbomachine flow path. Despite development of theoretical methods, many effects of unsteady flow in turbomachines are not investigated, seem sometimes unexpected and can be understood only by association of the theory and experiment.

Expected results

The expected results are connected. first of all, that in case of realization of the offered project of conversion of the stand of military assignment there will be the research stand. superior in opportunities the worlds analogues known the in and enabling to study a number of main problems of modern turbine construction. In particular. the authors of the proposal have original and theoretically justified program of researches of effects of gasdynamic interaction of blade rows in turbomachines. enabling on 2-3 % to increase efficiency of the compressor and in two times to reduce pressure pulsations.

The technical approaches and methods

The technical decision consists in manufacturing large-scale, low speed, research axial compressor (the constructive study is present); to replacement of electrical motor less powerful (the motor is present); manufacturing of details of binding of the compressor to available making and removing air to systems of the stand: equipment of the compressor by modern means of measurements, collecting, processing and the representations of the experimental information (project and part of necessary element base are present).

Potential role foreign collaborators

Though the authors of the project have not the direct arrangements with the foreign participants, however in case of the foreign investments in realization of the project, probably further cooperation as in the form of joint researches with similar scientific centers in Europe. USA and Japan, and in the form of fulfillment of the direct orders on specific questions.