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Properties of Polymers and Exposure Features


Investigation of Structure and Physical Properties of Polymers at Compound Exposure

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  • CHE-THE/Physical and Theoretical Chemistry/Chemistry
  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Mitina L M

Leading Institute
Tajik State National University, Tajikistan, Dushanbe


  • NanoCarbon Research Institute Ltd., Japan, Chiba

Project summary

The purpose of the project is determination of the structural and physical interaction of polymers in connection with technological prehistory of their synthesis and particularities of external influences. In spite of expended investigations and spheres of correlation findings between structure and physical properties of polymers this problem is far from its solution and it is caused first of all by multi-levelness of structural organization of polymers, their large sensibility to external impacts, inadequacy of behavior of elements of the structure in the field of external forces, and by this, causing persity of physical properties of the end product. Development of this project will allow to determine new sides of display of interrelations between levels of structural organization and physical properties of polymers, which is the important impact in development of science physics-chemistry of polymers.

The participants of project are specialists in the sphere of physical chemistry and technology of polymers, have sufficient experience in solution of problems, having fundamental and applied meaning.

At development of the project is expected that on bases of detail investigations of elements of structure of polymers at wide variation of technological parameters of their reception will be developed conception of structural rebuilding on above-molecular level, discover mechanisms of development of deformation processes in dependence from nature of polymers and intermolecular interactions, will be received new information about structural technology of polymer compositions (coverings and polymer magnetics), about semi-conductor properties of natural polymers, and about influence of fullerene additions on structure and physical properties of polymers.

Practical value of project is that will be proposed new methods of receiving anticorrosion compositional coverings of resistant to influence of different media, which may found application in tanker fleet; polymer magnetics and creation on their bases of filters for gas purification and liquids from ferromagnetic particles, which may found application in gas-oil processing branch; possibility of creation of semiconductor structures of devices on the bases of natural polymers keeping in mind that their resources in nature are practically limited and technology of their reception is very simple and economic.

Investigation of changes of physical properties and structure of polymers in hard conditions of exploitation allow prognosis their working properties and received results may serve information material for creation of new construction products.

Proposed project meets the aims of ISTC for reorientation of weapon scientists on peaceful activity and their integration in world scientific community and etc.

Volume of executing works on project evaluated for three years (36 months), with use of modern methods of physical-chemical experiment, use of computer technique for theoretical calculations, processing and analysis of experimental data.

In successful implementation of the project, its expertise, estimation of quality and work results giving assistance in scientific and technological works and etc. the leading role is owned by foreign collaborators without whom is impossible the project implementation.