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Anticorrosive Enamel


New Anticorrosive Enamel with Complex of Unique Properties

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  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
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Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Armenia, Yerevan


  • Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas / Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalurgicas, Spain, Madrid\nColorado School of Mines, USA, CO, Golden\nUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison / Department of Engineering Physics, USA, WI, Madison

Project summary

In the present project it is intended the following:
  • Elaboration of the high efficient many-purpose anticorrosive enamel with complex unique properties, as well as investigation of the enamel based protective coating formation mechanism
  • Working out the new methods of obtaining the high-dispersion powder pigments and fillers on base both traditional pigments and fillers and natural materials (tuff, pumice, perlite etc.)

The damage dimensions, which the metal corrosion inflicts the economics, is vast. In European countries e.g. it forms about 5% of gross national output. In the USA the annual damage caused by corrosion reaches over 100 billion dollars.

This circumstance as well as the annual increase of the economic damage and the negative consequence caused by this the metal’s corrosion problem are doing global and compel the investigators to search more effective prevention methods.

Among the existing anticorrosive measures the usage of varnish-paint materials is the most wide-spread and technologically easy.

The existing anticorrosive varnish-paint materials are meant, as a rule, for certain exploitation conditions. For instance, the acid-proof, atmosphere-resisting enamels, enamels for pipelines, for ships, for underground constructions and so on are known.

At the same time the mentioned enamels and paints are insufficiently steady at changed conditions.

The contemporary level of industrial development, various and very strict equipment and constructions exploitation conditions, as well as the necessity of maximum cutting down of damage owing to corrosion produce special demands on the varnish-paint materials usage.

In the frame of the project suggested on creating the anticorrosive enamels, which possess both by high firmness in acid, alkaline and salt solutions, in oil-products and at the same time by complex of other various and valuable properties is offered possible. In particular, the question is about the protective paints, which can be used at minus temperatures (without losing their painting properties), can be painted not prepared damp and rusted metal surfaces, old paint layer, wood, concrete etc.

It is expected to work out the coatings, the hardening of which (polymerization) would be possible at negative temperature, at high air humidity and so on.

The creation of the similar anticorrosive paints of the primer-enamel type with the complex of the mentioned properties and wide using sphere is the perspective scientific direction of the 21 century.

To achieve the project purpose it is necessary to solve the following group of the main theoretical and experimental questions:

  • Obtaining the new type of the film-former
  • Obtaining the pigments and fillers with meso- and nano-scales particles by using the natural materials (mining rocks)
  • Synthesis of the anticorrosive enamel with complex unique properties (utilization possibility at minus temperatures, at high air humidity, painting damp and rusted metal surface, the high chemical firmness in hot acid, alkaline and salt solutions, in petroleum products, heat-, frost- and radiation resistance etc.)
  • Investigation of the properties and mechanism formation of the coatings based on the synthesized enamels.

Successful project implementation would result in the development of theoretical bases and technology for the obtainment of anticorrosive enamels and high-dispersion powders from natural materials.

The applied results would have a commercial importance.

Demand in the effective anticorrosive wide-sphere application enamels is extremely large not only in Armenia, but also out of it.

The anticorrosive coatings resistance, for example in sea and river water, at 2-3 times more, than ones of the corresponding analogues.

Manufacturing of the indicated enamels in Armenia would be very profitable, because it would be founded on local cheap and accessible materials usage, which are more than 70% from enamel total mass.

Business plan would be worked out when the process is completed. The business plan would be offered to Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Armenia with a request to assist the industrial production and marketing of the named enamels.

Drawing into the program the qualified scientists, which have large experience at metal corrosion protection sphere, is a guarantee for successful carrying out the program in time, limited by 3 years.

The financial security of the project will permit to scientists, who formerly were occupied with weapons field, are engaged in research activity in peace aims, with collaborators’ assistance to bring in the serious contribution to the theory and practice of metals anticorrosive protection and to be involved into the international association in decision of the mentioned global problem.