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Cell Population Heterogeneity


Development of the Electrophysical Techniques of the Cell Structures Parameters Determination and Evaluation by Means of its the Cell Population Heterogeneity

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  • INS-OTH/Other/Instrumentation

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Nietzold D

Leading Institute
State Research Center for Applied Microbiology, Russia, Moscow reg., Obolensk


  • Medmedia Corporation, USA, NY, Brooklyn

Project summary

The major objective of the project proposed is the development of nondestructive, universal and express method for cell population heterogeneity measurement and estimation of electrophysical and morphometrical parameters of cell structures. Substance of each structure- are described by two parameters (dielectric permeability and conductivity). Time of analysis as function of the kind of cell equal 5-10 min.

The project execution result in the development of the following techniques: determination of quality control of the preparations on the base of live cells; estimation of cell population heterogeneity by using the difference in electrophysical, morphometrical and physiological parameters of the population; estimation of toxic compound concentration in medium from the changes of surface electrophysical properties of suspended cells.

Fulfillment of researches is based on the theory of bulk electrical polarisability and light scattering of axial oriented particles. For the development of applied aspects of the project, the interrelation of electrophysical and morphometrical parameters of cell structures from their physiological functions and functions of a cell as undistracted object. The fulfillment of the work is based on the use of a cell model in a kind of a layered structure. Each layer is considered from two positions: functional and electrophysical. The functional analysis of a structure permits to determine physiological and biochemical characteristics of cells.

As a result of the fulfillment of the project the following work will be executed:

- Techniques for the determination of electrophysical, morphometrical and physiological heterogeneity of cell population (for examples E coli, Listeria, Mycobacterium) will be created.
- Techniques of intracellular substance accumulation (for examples cytokines and immunomodulators) by using electrophysical cell structure changes will be developed.
- Measurements of toxic substance concentration on the basis of the calculation of surface electrophysical properties changes (for example ion of heavy metal, xenobiotics) will performed.
- Model device and software for electrooptical measurement will be developed. Forcing collaborators can contribute to the project proposed by searching new way of application of the method and cooperation in the solution of various biotechnological problems by using the techniques, hard ware and software that will be developed.