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VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessel


Material Science Work Package for Lifetime Extension of VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPV) from High Nickel Materials

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  • FIR-MAT/Materials and Materials Conversion/Fission Reactors
  • FIR-ENG/Reactor Engineering and NPP/Fission Reactors
  • FIR-EXP/Experiments/Fission Reactors
  • FIR-MOD/Modelling/Fission Reactors
  • FIR-NOT/Nuclear and Other Technical Data/Fission Reactors
  • FIR-NSS/Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding/Fission Reactors

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Senior Project Manager
Tocheny L V

Leading Institute
Kurchatov Research Center, Russia, Moscow


  • Forschungszentrum Rossendorf / Institute für Sicherheitsforschung, Germany, Rossendorf\nNuclear Research Institute, Czechia, Rez\nSCK-CEN, Belgium, Mol\nEuropean Commission / Joint Research Center / Institute for Advanced Materials, The Netherlands, Petten

Project summary

Package of works directed on safe operation of VVER-1000 reactor type units is proposed.
1. Study of mechanical properties and structure behavior of VVER-1000 RPV materials under irradiation. This work includes the following tasks:

1.1 Development of research programs data base. The file will consist of ten VVER-1000 materials with different content of Ni, Mn and P irradiated to fluence up to
20 cm-2 in VVER-1000 reactor (Novovoronezh NPP, unit № 5 (Novovoronezh-5)) writhing the frame of research projects.
1.2 Correct VVER-1000 research programs data base request correction of fluence data using 3D-calculation and Nb dosimetry.

2. Study of fast neutron flux effect on RPV materials embrittlement under irradiation.
3. Study of the evolution of VVER-1000 weld and base metals microstructure.
4. Development of physically valid model that describes adequately Tk (ΔTk) increase as a function of fluence (F).
5. Validation of the model using test results of the second set of specimens in Balakovo-2. (two points in irradiated condition for 2 materials).
6. Assessment of the mechanical properties margin for the elements of VVER-1000 reactor pressure vessel.
7. Optimization of annealing parameters for VVER-1000 materials with high nickel content.