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Oxygen Generators for Medicine


Generation of Ultra Pure Oxygen and Oxygen-Ozone Mixtures for Medical Purposes.

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  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine
  • BIO-OTH/Other/Biotechnology

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Leading Institute
Plant of Electro-Mechanical Equipment , Russia, Moscow reg., Protvino

Supporting institutes

  • Kurchatov Research Center / Institute of Hydrogen Energy and Plasma Technology, Russia, Moscow


  • Sandia National Laboratories, USA, NM, Albuquerque\nSumimoto Corporation, Japan, Tokyo\nNESTE Advanced Power Systems Technology and R&D, Finland, Helsinki

Project summary

Electrochemical generators of oxygen and oxygen-ozone mixtures based on electrolyzers with solid-polymer electrolyte are proposed to treat people with lung disease, to supply pressure chambers and hospitals with oxygen, to carry out ozone therapy and physical sterilization of purulent wounds and cavities, and to stimulate recovering processes inside wounds.

Proposed devices are intended both for inpidual use and for complex supply of hospitals. These generators can also be used during disasters and technogen accidents, in ambulance cars, on trains, ships and plains.

The main technical method in realization of the project is using solid polymer electrolyte for electrochemical decomposition of water. The main research task is optimization of the type of electrocatalysts for cathode and anode processes, structure and compositions of catalytic layers. Their preparation methods and technology of application, technology of treatment solid polymer electrolyte.

The result of realization of the project will be creation of pilot oxygen generator with productivity up to 600 liter per hour and generator of oxygen-ozone mixtures with ozone concentration up to 10%, with productivity up to 100 liter per hour.