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System for Accumulation of the Solar Energy


The development of Solar Energy Accumulation System

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  • NNE-SOL/Solar Energy/Non-Nuclear Energy

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Leading Institute
Center of Innovation Development of Science and New Technology, Tajikistan, Dushanbe


  • EE Energy engineers GmbH, Germany, Gelsenkirchen

Project summary

The production of electricity in Tajikistan is concentrated in large and medium-sized hydropower stations (over 95%). Due to the low inflow of rivers in winter, there is a seasonal shortage of electricity. The problem of climate change, the particular vulnerability of ecology of mountain territories and glaciers are the main determinants of energy development in the coming years. The main direction of persification of energy is the widespread use of renewable energy sources, including environmentally friendly solar energy. In mountain conditions small load and low efficiency of the grids leads to higher cost of electricity. The use of solar energy in inaccessible and remote mountainous areas has great promise, because the cost of electricity transportation, for the construction of high voltage electrical grids and their operation are virtually absent. The introduction of solar power collectors significantly improve the conditions of work and life in mountainous areas, which make up 93% of the country. This project represents a comprehensive approach for solving the problem of energy supply (heat and electricity) of residential, educational, administrative and industrial buildings by developing technologies of production, storage and use of solar energy.

The target of this project is to develop a solar energy accumulation system for autonomous power supply, heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water supply of buildings.

The following tasks is a priority:

    1. Research and development of system of accumulation of solar energy.

    2. Research and development of the layout combined solar installation.

    3. Development of an automated control system of the process of production and distribution of energy.

The project satisfies for the 4 main trends of the future energy (Trends of Advanced Energy):
    § Intelligent / smart
    § Local
    § Innovation and combination
    § Sharing