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Compressors Efficiency


Experimental Installation for Research of Unstable Processes and Means for Increasing of Efficiency of Compressors

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  • SAT-AER/Aeronautics/Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation

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Senior Project Manager
Tocheny L V

Leading Institute
TsIAM (Aviation Motors), Russia, Moscow


  • Rolls-Royce, UK, London\nSNECMA, France, Moissy Cramayel

Project summary

The current Project № 672 is finished on March 31, 2001 and includes creation of the experimental installation on the basis of conversion of a stand, intended earlier for tests of compressors of aviation engines of military assignment. The primary purpose of the Project consists in creation of research center for working out the commercial applications on development of axial turbomachines.

As a result of the Project fulfillment such center is created. The methods of measurement and analysis of unsteady flow parameters is developed, and also the first experimental and theoretical researches of physical mechanismes of stator's “clocking effect” in a system of rows stator-rotor-stator of the axial compressor are executed.

The purpose of prospective prolongation of the Project on the 2-nd phase is the practical application of created installation in directions of development of means of decrease of a noise, increase of efficiency and reliability of the compressor by control of unsteady interaction of rotors and stators. The indicated directions are the most actual in compressor-engineering and are connected with the solution of ecological and economic problems, in particular, on peak gas-turbine power plants and gas-pumping stations. In the end, the question is about development and substantiation of the design solutions and improvement of designing technology, which allows to optimize unsteady (periodic) flow processes in axial turbomachines in distinction to conventional techniques.

The first stage of the Project № 672 was supported by European Community with the volume of financing of 200,000 USD, that has made less than 2/3 of the sum (316,000 USD) stipulated by the initial Proposal. The provided sum also was reduced by 11,000 USD at the last stage of the Project fulfillment.

Offered the 2-nd phase of the Project assumes additional financing in volume of 130,000 USD with period of validity of 24 months and allows to advance applied aspects of the initial Project which could not be realized within the framework of its actual financing.