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Pulsed Plasma Source


Development of Pulsed Plasma Source for Technological Purposes (Demonstration)

Tech Area / Field

  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials

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Leading Institute
Kurchatov Research Center / Institute of Nuclear Fusion, Russia, Moscow


  • Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), USA, IL, Argonne
  • Ohio State University / Department of Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, and Aviation, USA, OH, Columbus

Project summary

· to study the mechanisms of interaction between a low temperature plasma flow and structural materials
· to develop the technology for surface modification of solids (hardening, implantation, corrosion resistance enhancement) using irradiation by low temperature plasma flows.

Expected results:

1. demonstration of the installation for plasma surface modification with the following parameters:
pulsed plasma flow power density up to 108 W/cm2;
plasma velocity 107cm/s;
efficiency of electric energy conversion up to 40%;
diameter of focused plasma flow min 1–1.5 cm;
2. experimental data base on the properties of construction materials treated by low temperature plasma flow;
3. numerical model for the interaction of plasma flow with the impurity pellets and solids.

Areas of application:

1. production of nanostructures in semiconductors;
2. formation of thick layers with the special properties on the surface of metal tools and tails.

Topics for joint study and/or application:

1. Investigation of properties of plasma treated materials.
2. Modelling of interaction between plasma having parameters mentioned above and solids.
3. Commercial application of the technology developed.