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Power Materials Acceleration


Physical Processes of Power Materials Microparticles Acceleration in Pulsed Electrothermal Launcher.

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  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Karabashev S G

Leading Institute
MIFI, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Texas Technical University / Pulsed Power Laboratory, USA, TX, Lubbock\nInstitut für Neue Materialien, Germany, Saarbrücken\nForschungszentrum Karlsruhe Technik und Umwelt / Institut für Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik, Germany, Karlsruhe

Project summary

The main objective of the Project is the study of physical phenomena occurring during the process of powder material microparticles acceleration in the pulse electrothermal plasma launcher which is supposed to be used for the development of an installation for obtaining coatings on surfaces of various materials.

The results to be obtained in the process of Project realisation would have commercial potential. Scientists, engineers and technicians with skills and knowledge the development of mass destruction weapons, mainly nuclear weapon, would be enlisted to the Project. So, the Project is up to the ISTC requirements.

The solution of the Project problems would ensure the realisation of the powder materials coating technique which has substantial advantages as compared to those in which plasmatrons, detonation and gas-burning guns are used. The following advantages should be mentioned: accelerating of microparticles up to higher velocities; independent adjustment of micro particles velocity and temperature; the possibility of obtaining coatings in media which composition and pressure can be controlled; ecological purity. As a result the coatings produced would have such properties as wearilessnes, heat and corrosion resistance. Also materials which required properties could be synthesised.

Works to be carried out in the framework of the Project include the launcher physical model development; the gas flow and accelerated particles dynamics study; the development and investigation of the launcher pulsed power supply system, measurements of the powder material particles velocity and temperature; the development of powder materials injection techniques; measurements of coatings parameters, the development of an industrial equipment prototype.

For modelling of plasma flow propagation as well as particle acceleration and heating the gas-dynamic approach is supposed to be used. As for the measurements of coatings parameters they can be made on the basis of the radiography analysis where as the accelerated particles characteristics can be obtained by means of electro-optical methods. The power supply system is supposed to be developed on the basis of pulsed storage elements.