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Selective Ash Removing for Plasma


Investigation of Selective Ash Removing for Fusion Plasma

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  • FUS-PLA/Plasma Physics/Fusion

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Leading Institute
MGTU (Moscow State Technical University), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • University of Wisconsin-Madison / Fusion Technology Institute, USA, WI, Madison\nUniversity of Washington / Redmond Plasma Physical Laboratory, USA, WA, Seattle\nOsaka University / Graduate School of Engineering, Japan, Osaka\nArgonne National Laboratory/Computational Physics & Hydrodynamics, USA, IL, Argonne

Project summary

The present project is aimed at development of method of ash (fusion products and impurities) removing/pumping in magnetic confinement systems with high temperature plasma. Using the selective pumping system leads to several times bigger gain or power amplification factor Q (the ratio of the total fusion power to the losses) for fusion plasmas that is very crucial for all kind of systems and fuels, including D-T, D-D and D-3He.

Mechanism for increase of radial losses for picked out particles in magnetic confinement systems (field-reversed configuration, magnetic trap and tokamak) is proposed. Resonance influence of several modes of weak perturbation magnetic field, propagated by azimuth of the system on particle behavior is investigated.

Method of forced particles removing, proposed in BMSTU is based on selective stochastic behavior of particles moving in certain energy range. Very fast (a few orders) increase of transversal diffusion coefficient these particles leads to transport across magnetic field. One of the conditions of high efficiency of ash pumping system is diffusion coefficient smaller than the same parameter for anomalous transport.

Necessary energetic efficiency of magnetic confinement system may be achieved by providing of removing the energetic fusion products. Using the selective ash pumping device may highly increase fusion power plants parameters that give possibility to say about controlled fusion as power source (from the view point of power balance).

To remove the energetic fusion products energy range for particle pumping (different from fuel temperature) must be defined. Calculation of optimal energy range to remove energetic fusion products, choice of work temperatures for magnetic configurations with ash pumping and numerical method testing will be produced. Non-uniformity of distribution function of fusion products will be shown.

The project aim is calculating of selective ion pumping system efficiency depending on plasma temperature and density, magnetic field and energy of removed particles. Potential results are as follows:
a) Method development of removing the high energetic fusion products from plasmas for wide range of parameters;
b) Estimation of power expenditures for fusion products removing and determination of parameters and magnetic configurations, providing the ash removing with high efficiency;
c) New code and calculations of power balance for fusion plasma in high energy regime (with selective ash removing), including fusion power, radiation losses, energy exchange between particles, slow down of fusion products, injection power, convective and turbulent losses.

Basic research aimed at development of mathematical model and system of selective removing of the particles. This system may be used to all magnetic confinement devices. One of the main results is to show schemes with removing the fusion ash where it is possible to achieve a high gain.

Alternative employment of weapon experts (scientists and engineers from RFNC-VNIIEF, former Arzamas-16) to redirect their talents to peaceful activities and worldwide community will be provided and fundamental investigation in the field of peaceful energy production will be performed during the project meet to ISTC Objectives.