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Long-exposure Barotherapy


Development of Long-exposure Barotherapy Technology and Improvement of Existing Treatment Barotherapeutic Schemes

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  • MED-OTH/Other/Medicine

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Scientific Research Institute of Industrial and Marine Medicine, Russia, St Petersburg


  • University of Pennsylvania / Institute for Environmental Medicine, USA, PA, Philadelphia

Project summary

The aim of a project is a making a technology of long-exporuse barometherapy treatment (BMT) and development of corresponding modes of this type of pressure impact for correcting a mineral exchange disturbances, but in the same way motivation of ways of improvement of existing barotherapy schemes for immunopathologic conditions mainly.

The most perspective direction of using the long-exporuse BMT can become an attempt of treatment of following types of pathology: urolithiasis process and gallstone disease, number of pulmonary disorders. Theoretical premises of using BMT can serve some water-salt balance changes stay in hyperbaric conditions, as well as correcting of breath parameters in accordance with optimization of ambient gas composition and pressure including biophysical and regulation mechanisms, achievement of which in reasonable conditions still impossible. For the motivation of validity of the project aimed to BMT schemes development their test will be held according with one of controlled clinical trial main principles.

Project is directed as towards the decision of some problems in practical medicine because of determined deficit of barotherapy treatment rendering for the population, as on way to quality increase of given type of treatment by development and introducing some new schemes and methods. Preliminary analysis points that existing treatment type is used mainly in specialized hospitals or special department of founding subservience ones, herewith an using of hyperbaric oxyganation is remained like the main BMT method. Many patients, particularly passing treatment course in ambulance section, poured possibility of getting one of types of barotherapy, on early stages of diseases particularly. In addition, one must indicate that extremely insufficient equipping practically in all medical-scientific centres by special hyperbaric equipment highly negative indicates on attempts of new BMT type development and brings to significant reducing in research level of this area of practical public health in our country.

Expansion of aplicable BMT methods possible only at presence of broad nomenclature of medical baroequipment that possible due to modernization of big volume pe complexes in the most optimum way. There are some facts in many countries of positive experience of such additional alterations of hyperbarocomplexes, which were built for main purpose of solving the problems of development and introducing the different methods and technologies of ping technology.

The second problem is insistent need in use of the most broad complex of methods BMT with provision for expansions of barotherapy influence schemes up to using the long sessions with duration to several day. The presence of special life-support systems may be the base of introducing of last mentioned method, being included in per hyperbaric complexes and data on correcting the functional organism systems under breath with hyperbaric respiratory mixtures.

For the achievement of whole project aim it is necessary:

– to conduct an analysis of existing methods of barotherapic influence and some perspective value of using the long BMT sessions in the treatment of some disease forms;

– to develop and to justify a complex of physiological, biochemical and clinicoimmunological research methods for the purposes of assignment of a concrete BMT type at autoimmune and allergic pathology forms;

– to conduct comparative research of efficiency of different aspects BMT at autoimmune and allergic diseases;

– to effect engineering update of hyperbarocomplex, in which leading particular will become establishing and installation gasstocking equipment, so as quantity of the patients and sum of sessions require the large flow rates of gases, that is not stipulated by the hyperbaric chamber as such;

– to develop technique of application of long-lived BMT sessions at some nosological forms by usage of hyperbaroinductive mechanisms on water-salt balance changes of whole organism and defined types of tissues;

– to probe thin effect mechanisms of oxygen with different partial pressure in mixed gases at different value of common pressure on functional condition of immune system and also other systems and organs.

The performance result of the present work will be the extension of fundamental and application data about change of functional condition of all main organism systems in the normal and pathology at effect of the strictly defined parities (ratio) (pressure, structure, duration) complex of the hyperbaric factors of a therapeutic directivity. The broad spectrum of research techniques, planed to application, as at a level of whole organism, so at a molecilar-cellular level will allow essentially personalize the treatment scheme of the concrete patient by BMT methods, conduct treatment to a maximum amount of the patients with different types of a pathology. On termination of the project will be conducted the estimation and justification of small hospital creation for the purpose of center capabilities extension for treatment of the difficult patients.

The scientific novelty of planed researches will consist from study of a role of different effect mechanisms of artificial gas ambiences selected on the physical and chemical factors and effect duration with the purpose of correction pathological and prepathological conditions, mainly patogenically linked with immunological and water-saline exchange disturbances.

The results, received during complete project, can be used hereinafter at creation of hyperbaric complexes of long-term effect of artificial mixed gases possessing medical and recreational effects. Clinically tested regimens of long-term hyperbaric medical effect can have novelty and to be object of patenting as methods of treatment of some nosological forms.

The importance of a problem is caused with those reasons, that for last years essentially have increased different kind of ecological loads, which in aggregate exceed a load of those conditions, in which developmentally the human organism was formed. As results that cause a rash increase of illness rate, change of its frame and necessity of introduction of treatment techniques, which should combine a high performance and ability of coverage maximum amount of the patients with different pathology types, at which the correction of a gas homeostasis at different structurally functional levels of an organism is required. The long-term experience of practical and theoretical work of the project executives in many areas of extreme and ecological medicine, skill and knowledge in holding complex medicobiological researches is real premise for the achievement deliver purposes, the analysis of which results will specify medical effect of BMT or necessity in decreasing of a possible unfavorable side effect.

The project has a high economic and social value, and the results of its performance will allow to introduce the scientifically-practical contribution to medicine - a struggle with diseases called with polyfactor reasons. It will expand capabilities of a preventive direction of medicine, immediate treatment of the patients with prognosticated cutting of treatment periods, will reduce physical disability and mortality of the patients.

Scientific researches, the engineering works and physician-medical activity in the given project will ensure the decision of a problem of social adaptation of the contributors, whose circle of scientific interests was centred in the field of defence technologies, their reorientation on fundamental and applied nature of scientific activity under monitoring of international scientific community in such important areas of practical medicine as prophylaxis and treatment of the patients with different aspects of a pathology.

On results of studies will be:

– designed the barotherapy treatment schemes with usage of long-lived sessions of hyperbaric at some aspects of pathology accompanying with breaking of a mineral exchange;

– designed practical recommendations on take-off and assignment of the defined barotherapy treatment schemes to the patients with breaking of an immunoreactivity.