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Antifriction Cast-Iron


Investigation and Development of a Technology of Production of Antifriction Cast Iron Replacing Non-Ferrous Alloys

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  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology
  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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Leading Institute
Federal State Unitary Enterprise "National Mining Research Center-Skochinsky Institute of Mining" (FSUE "NMRC-Scochinsky Institute of Mining"), Russia, Moscow reg., Lyubertsy

Supporting institutes

  • Open Joint-Stock Company "Fosfaty", Russia, Moscow reg., Lopatinsky\nFosforit, Open Joint-Stock Company , Russia, Leningrad reg., Kingisepp\nResearch Institute for Automotive-Tractor Machinery, State Enterprise, Russia, Moscow


  • Boart Longyear GmbH & Co.KG, Germany, Burghaun\nTU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany, Freiburg\nContiTech Transportbandsysteme CmbH, Germany, Hannover

Project summary

The aim of the project entitled “Investigation and Development of a Technology of Production of Antifriction Cast-Iron Replacing Non-Ferrous Alloys” is to develop scientific principles and to impove production process of special antifriction cast iron that can efficiently replace bronze and brass in plain bearings used in engineering products.

At current parity of prices of non-ferrous and ferrous metals ( 6:1) the problem of ferrous metals production and using as substitutes for non-ferrous metals becomes acute. The lack of efficient and non-expensive ( iron-based) substitutes for expensive materials ( bronze, brass, babbit) used in large quantities in mechanical engineering holds back price -cutting for these products. In industrially advanced countries this problem solution was included in federal programs at different times, and in Russia it has been recognized as a prority problem since 1988.

The Russian weapon scientists were first in the world who developed a process for production of special antifriction cast iron capable to replace bronze and brass in the “ disposable” parts operating as bearings couples. The works that continued at our Institute allowed to produce under laboratory conditions new antifriction cast iron which, as to its physico-mechanical and tribitechnical properties, was close to bronze used in heavy-laden friction assemblies of mining machines.

This R&D project has as an objective a detailed study and development of the main aspects of new antifriction cast iron production, namely:

- Development of optimal formulations of antifriction cast iron that could wholly replace bronze and brass in friction assemblies of mechanical engineering products;
- Development of a simulation program of antifriction cast iron heat conditions and production process control excluding heat treatment of cast parts;
- Development of a process of antifriction cast iron production at industrial scale;
- Carrying out of experimental and check heats of new cast iron, manufacture of samples and carrying out of integrated investigation of their physico-mechanical properties and tribotechnical characteristics;
- Manufacture ( using the developed process) of prototypes of plain bearings for heavy-laden machines ( excavators Excavators EKG-8I, EKG-5A and EKG-4,6B );
- Development of Work Specification for setting up production of new antifriction cast iron.