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High Purity Beryllium Production


Production of High-Purity (>99.99% wt.) Condensed Beryllium

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  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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NPO Lutch, Russia, Moscow reg., Podolsk


  • Los-Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos

Project summary

Objective of the Project is development of modes and installation for production by method of vacuum condensation of high-purity beryllium (purity > 99.99 % wt.) dense plates, development of techniques of impurities analysis and certification of plates by impurities content, investigation of the structural, physical, mechanical and electrical characteristics of plates, production of specimens of certified beryllium plates with thickness up to 10 mm and diameter up to 130 mm.

The technical approach consists in the development of a combined way of production of beryllium plates, including condensation from the outset in conditions of temperature gradient along height of heated condensation column and then condensation by fractional distillation method on a heated substrate.

The development of this way and its realization using specially made for these purposes installation will make it possible to obtain dense plates of high-purity beryllium, and additional processing of plates by pressure after the developed modes will give them the necessary geometrical shape, for example as blanks for rolling, targets for a deposition, etc.

Dense condensed plates produced according to the purposes of the Project will consist of beryllium with purity > 99.99 % and can be used as high-quality blanks in manufacturing of superthin foil, products of metal optics and microelectronics, constructional elements of a thermonuclear fusion reactor and other.

Use of techniques developed under the Project for analyses of impurities, as well as investigations of structural, physical, mechanical and electrical characteristics of plates will allow to obtain new substantiated information, presenting significant interest for the researchers and technologists in the field of especially pure metals.

During fulfillment of the Project it is planned to solve the following technological and practical problems:

- to carry out material science development, allowing to study influence of impurity on properties of high-purity beryllium deeper and to use systematized data in practice of production of it compact semi-finished items as dense plates;
- to develop a way of production of high quality plates with thickness up to 10 mm and diameter up to 130 mm which can have commercial demand in various areas of engineering:
- to develop the installation for production of plates after a developed way, to estimate its effectiveness during production of plates prototypes and prospects of obtained results for organization of small-scale manufacture of plates with wider nomenclature of thickness and diameter.

In the end the expected result of the Project fulfillment is creation of a high-efficient method of production of laminated semi-finished high purity (> 99.99 % wt.) beryllium items, capable essentially to expand the market of manufacture and application of high-purity beryllium in the new areas of engineering.