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Automation Seismomonitoring


Development of the Automated Information System of the Seismomonitoring

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  • ENV-SEM/Seismic Monitoring/Environment

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Leading Institute
Institute of Seismology, NAS, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • University of Michigan, USA, MI, Ann Arbor\nUniversite de Liege / Departement de Geologie, Belgium, Liege

Project summary

The purpose of the project. Development of the automated system of the seismo-monitoring with the integrated database providing increase of efficiency and processing quality of information streams set, and as reliability of scientific researches and efficiency of seismological service both in regional, and in global scales.

State of affairs in the field of researches.

At present it’s developing and working tool network of the seismo-monitoring, which consist of 25 seismometric, 5 magnetometric, 4 hydrodynamical, 4 hydrogeochemical and 10 telemetering centers of control in Kyrgyz Republic (KR). The given network provides the continuous dataflow in the center of seismological service KR. This complex of data is used for seismic pision into districts, the forecast of earthquakes, estimations of seismic risk, etc. However the lead analysis of applied methods of gathering and data processing has revealed essential lacks:

  1. Absence of a unified technique of the description, processing and data presentation of various kinds of control, that very much complicates sharing these data for the decision of tasks of the forecast of earthquakes, estimations of seismic risk, seismic pision into districts, etc.;
  2. Use of manual ways of data processing that leads to high probability of mistakes at small productivity;
  3. Absence of packages of applied programs of processing of the decision of regime tasks at various levels (bottom and top), that complicates mutual coordination of the results received at different levels, among themselves on uniform interface to a basis.

Therefore it is necessary development of the automated system seismo-monitoring with which will provide:
  1. Processing all kinds of information streams by a unified technique of logic, structural, infological organizations and corresponding algorithmic and software;
  2. Creation of an integrated database as a complex informational supply with the decision of seismological tasks at various levels;
  3. High efficiency and quality of the data processing, the received results of the decision of tasks and their interpretation;
  4. seismo-geophysical service a complex of applied programs packages as multilevel system of processing and decision-making.

Influence of the offered project on progress in the given area. The technologies developed in system processing of the different information streams, a technique, algorithmic and software are perspective and will certainly promote progress seismological services as in methodical, so in applied aspects.

The competence of participants of the project of the specified area. Participants of the project have a long-term operational experience in the decision supreme-important tasks of seismological researches: an estimation of seismic danger and pision into districts of Republic territories, forecasting of earthquakes, definition of parameters of the earthquakes centers and seismic risk, etc., that prove to be true publications and performances at conferences. Employees of Institute took part in performance of numerous international projects, among which:

«A high-speed structure and elastic properties of environment in focal zones of strong earthquakes in Tien Shan». The manager, Corresponding Member NAS KR, Doctor of the physic-mathematical sciences. T.M.Sabitova (1998-2001).

«Active breaks and strong earthquakes ». The manager, Doctor of geology-mineral sciences, M. Omuraliev (2001-2003).

«Three-dimensional high-speed model of Tien Shan lithosphere in connection with geodynamics and seismic risk». The manager, Corresponding Member, Doctor of the physic-mathematical sciences, T.M.Sabitova (2003-2005).

«Research of seismo-electromagnetic phenomenon in a range ultralow frequencies and creation of experimental network АМТ-of monitoring of seismic activity on Bishkek forecast range». The manager, K.Bakirov (2003-2005).

«Geodynamics Talas-Fergana break of Tien Shan and elemental forces in territory of the Central Asia». The manager, Doctor of the physic-mathematical sciences, E.Mamyrov (2006-2008).

«An estimation of seismic risk of the Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan)». The manager, Doctor of the physic-mathematical sciences, K.E. Abdrahmatov (2006-2008).

«The open network of centres of science for decrease in risk of natural dangers on Southern Caucasus and in the Central Asia». The manager, Candidate of geology-mineral sciences, M. Омуралиев (2007-2009).

Project CRDF «The estimation of seismic danger in Issykkul-Chui corridor» and others».

Expected results and their application. Application of the developed system in seismological service will allow to raise efficiency of gathering, processing and a data storage more than in 5 times, productivity of labor - in 3 times, reliability and reliability of results of researches will raise due to use of integrated data set. Also efficiency of seismological service will be raised. Necessities of revision of some become outdated and not effective methods and technologies of system of gathering, processing and data storage will be shown. At performance of the project are possible receptions of profit:

  • Due to sale of patents and licenses;
  • From sale and introduction of system in seismo-geophysic services.

Conformity of the project to purposes ISTC.

The project completely corresponds to purposes ISTC. It will allow scientists and to experts from the CIS, before occupied in concrete defensive works, (drawing up of large-scale maps, investigation of so-called strategic materials, research of sites of construction of military objects, monitoring of nuclear tests):

  • To reorient the abilities on peace activity;
  • To come into scientific, business and friendly contacts to the colleagues from the Europe, the USA and of other countries.

Application of new technologies and exchange of experience will allow accelerating process of integration of scientists KR in the international scientific community. The project will assist in the decision international scientifically - technical tasks (research of development laws of an earth's crust, an estimation of danger and risk of territories, preservation of the environment).

Data about amount of works.

Following basic works will be executed within the limits of the project:

  • Development of technology of processing of information streams of various kinds;
  • Development of a technique of processing by kinds of information streams;
  • Development of a technique of construction of the automated system with an integrated database;
  • Development infological and conceptual models of a database;
  • Development of algorithms and software of system of gathering and processing of dataflow;
  • Development of packages of applied programs of multilevel system of decision-making;
  • Experimental and natural test of system;
  • Representation of results of works to the international scientific community

Role foreign of collaborators

Foreign collaborators active participated in development of the given project and will continue cooperation with participants of the project in following questions:

  • Information interchange during realization of the project, the analysis and comments to represented reports;
  • Granting materials and consultations at a choice of the equipment;
  • The help in development of new techniques and technologies of carrying out of researches;
  • Data exchange, consultations and creation of a databank with the purpose of search potential collaborators, partners, funds, the sponsor's and donor organizations, the private companies and the persons{faces} interested in realization of an open network of the international centers
  • Participation in carrying out of trainings for young experts, seminars and working meetings.
  • Creation of the conditions allowing the western universities and laboratories to receive participants of the project.

Technical approaches and methodology. The basic innovation in the project will be complex system of multilevel processing and storage of tool data: seismological, geomagnetic, hydrodynamical and hydrogeochemical supervision.

The Theoretical substantiation of methods will be based on substantive provisions of the theory of the information, the theory of processing of signals, the theory of optimum control, conceptual and инфологической models of a database.

At realization of the project the radiotelemetering system, modern computing technologies will be used a network of operating seismo-monitoring systems.