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Vaccine for Hepatitis-A


Organization of production of inactivated vaccine against Hepatitis-A.

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  • MED-VAC/Vaccines/Medicine
  • BIO-CGM/Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology

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Senior Project Manager
Compton J

Leading Institute
State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR / Institute of Molecular Biology, Russia, Novosibirsk reg., Koltsovo


  • Institut für Virologie, Germany, Bremen\nNational Institute of Biological Standards and Control, UK, Herts, Potters Bar\nConnaught Laboratories, Inc., USA\nHygiene Institut, Germany, Tübingen

Project summary

Hepatitis A occupies one of the dominating places among other viral infections, causing enormous damage to the health of people, especially that of children. Occurrence of hepatitis in Russia including CIS, amounts to 1 million cases.

The only radical mean in the struggle against viral infections is the active immunization of the population sensitive to these infections.

In NPO "Vector" the inactivated cultural vaccine against hepatitis A has been created and are now under trials. The Committee on Medicinal Immunobiogical Preparations of the Russian Ministry of Public Health allowed the permission for the State Trials of inactivated vaccine against hepatitis A.

The main aim of the present project is the performance of the State Trials and organization of production of the vaccine against hepatitis A.

The general plan of the project includes the following steps:

1. The State Trails of the inactivated vaccine against hepatitis A.
2. Organization of production of this vaccine in NPO "Vector".

This approach will provide the production of sufficient quantity of vaccine against hepatitis A for Russia and CIS.