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Processing of Arsenic Bearing Ores


Processing of Arsenic Bearing Ores and Byproducts with Obtaining of Low Toxic Arsenic Compounds

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  • CHE-THE/Physical and Theoretical Chemistry/Chemistry
  • ENV-WDS/Waste Disposal/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Zalouzhny A A

Leading Institute
Kazakh National Technical University, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Kazakstan, Stepnogorsk


  • Center for Advanced Mineral & Metallurgical Processing, USA, MT, Butte\nUniversity of Utah / Department of Metallurgy , USA, UT, Salt Lake City

Project summary

The aim of the project is elaboration of scientific grounds together with complex, efficient and environmentally friendly technology for processing of arsenic containing products and waste to remove arsenic in a low toxic form, that meets the environmental standards and is suitable for long time storage and burying.

The main objectives of the project are:

– investigation of chemical composition of arsenic containing products of non-ferrous metallurgy of Kazakhstan. Elaboration of theoretical grounds of high temperature sulphidization of arsenic containing natural ores and metallurgical waste and processing of the obtained products;
– design of flow-sheets for processing technologies for arsenic containing ores and waste from different mines and metallurgical enterprises;
– elaboration on equipment sets for the processes and feasibility study of the technologies.

After implementation of the project new data on physical and chemical behavior of arsenic and sulphur containing systems will be obtained; technologies and equipment sets for arsenic containing ores and waste processing will be designed. This will let to process complex arsenic containing ores, to increase recovery of non-ferrous and noble metals from the ores and to provide withdrawal of arsenic from the processes in the most stable form for storage and burying with minimum environmental damage.

The essence of scientific and technological background of the project is arsenic sulphidization with pyrite under energy saving calcination conditions in order to sublimate and trap low toxic arsenic sulphides or to convert arsenic from metallurgical waste into insoluble sulphide compounds.