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Scandium Iodide Lamps


Development of the Technology to Obtain Anhydrous Scandium Iodide for Metallohallogenic Lamps with Emitting Additives

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  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology

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Senior Project Manager
Bunyatov K S

Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Moscow State University, Russia, Moscow


  • Colorado State University, USA, CO, Fort Collins

Project summary

The proposed project is dedicated to the development of the anhydrous scandium iodide obtaining technology. This material is intended to the use in the metal-halogen lamps (MGLs) with emitting additives. Besides that scandium iodide may play an important role in the technology of high-purity scandium compounds and scandium metal production.

Metallohalogenic arc lamps ensured a higher level of the lighting-engineering production in the whole world.

The literature data on technological conditions of the anhydrous scandium iodide production are contradictory and these data are completely insufficient for the realization of effective production process of this material at necessary scale.

The aim of the present project is the development of the effective technology of scandium iodide manufacturing in order to study the possibility to use the emitting additive, containing scandium, in "a pure and prepared" form in MGLs. This "pure and prepared" form of emitting additive includes the pre-synthesis of scandium iodide outside a lamp bulb and the introduction of a doze by weight (ScI3 or NaScI4) prepared to use in a MGL bulb.

This will allow increasing the efficiency of scandium use as the emitting additive in a halogen cycle of a lamp in the limit up to the value close to 100 %.

One of the possible variants to use an emitting scandium additive in a MGL bulb in "a pure and prepared" form, which will be studied within the framework of the project, is the use of a complex compound of sodium iodide and scandium iodide of NaScI4 composition. Its application as an emitting additive in MGLs instead of a two - phase metal iodides mixture must increase the scandium compound volatility (the partial pressure of scandium - containing compound vapor) and the MGL light output.

The predicted result of the work on the proposed project is the increase of the efficiency of the volatilizable scandium iodide compounds use in the MGLs, being produced in Russia, the CIS and in other countries on an industrial scale.

The proposed project is planned to carry out at the Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (Sarov Nizhny Novgorod region) and at the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry of the M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University.