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Consulting in Biotechnology-Related Projects


Development of Complex Consulting System for Accompanying Biotechnology-Related Projects

Tech Area / Field

  • BIO-OTH/Other/Biotechnology

3 Approved without Funding

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Leading Institute
State Research Center for Applied Microbiology, Russia, Moscow reg., Obolensk

Supporting institutes

  • Assotiation International Science and Technology Park «Technopark in Moskvorechje», Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The objective of the project is to develop and create a system of consulting services to promote marketing of results from R&D activities. By implementing the project entitled “Development of complex consulting system for accompanying biotechnology-related projects”, it will be possible to create a consulting complex in the SRCAM, as well as to present it as a model for other similar institutions located in other regions. This would lead to:
stimulation of commercialization R&D results;
application of experience gained by scientists and specialists for peaceful purposes.

To meet the goal, the following tasks to be pursued:

execute accompanying documents for projects; promote projects according to requirements defined
conduct marketing and patent surveys to choose most promising areas
develop business-concept of providing consulting services for project executors on project performance sites
evaluate novelty of results obtained from completed projects by methods of technical audit examination
arrange training (additional training) in the framework of Public Accessible Education program
provide communication and informational support
find partners to commercialize completed project advances
find new sources of financing for educational, commercial and expertize-consulting activities
substantiate the necessity of creation of infrastructure allowing one to support and accompany SRCAM projects on the market
train and involve Obolensk school teenagers, students and post-graduate students into consulting services

Specialists engaged in consulting services will be treated as external advisers.