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Technology for Basalt Fiber Production


Development of New Science and Technology Principles for Production of Basalt Based Staple and Continuous Fibers and Goods

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  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology
  • MAT-CER/Ceramics/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Latynin K V

Leading Institute
Kyrgyz Scientific and Design Construction Institute, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • Scientific Research Laboratory "Problems and Mechanics of Composite Materials", Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Georgia Institute of Technology / School of Polymer, Textile & Fiber Engineering, USA, GA, Atlanta

Project summary

The aim of the project is to work out modern production technologies of basalt based staple and continuous fibers, to create methods and means for obtaining fabrics, fibrous materials, composites and other materials from rocks to satisfy internal and external needs in first-class construction, insulation and other materials.

There are some known technologies and devices for production fibers out of fused basalt raw materials. However, today such production entails high power consumption, low quality of the product caused by insufficient research of new technological processes, inadmissible ecological consequences and hard labour conditions.

The Kyrgyz Republic has practically unlimited resources of raw materials to produce fibers from rocks: basalt, diabase, porphyrite and amphibolite.

Creation of modern production of fibrous materials out of rocks and goods on their basis will be a serious step for solving the most important technical, economic and social problems. One of the most significant for Kyrgyzstan economic results obtained from new technologies will be the growth of export opportunities that is of paramount importance in modern conditions.

The goals of the project reflect some peculiarities in the planned procedures, namely the scientific basis for processes and operations concerning new technologies to produce fibers out of basalt and other rocks; development of engineering tasks to project modern automation lines and devices, which provide for comprehensive computer control of technology processes and quality of the output.

As a result of the scheduled development it is expected that the above-mentioned production will become absolutely free of unfavourable influence on the health of people and the environment.

The following tasks will be solved to achieve this goal:

1. To analyze new production technologies of basalt based staple and continuous fibers.

2. To set up a database on physical and mechanical characteristics of raw and other materials obtained out of basalt.

3. To substantiate the technology of receiving basalt plastics methodically.

4. To work out production technologies of soft and half-hard heat and sound insulating mats and plates on the basis of short fibrous and super thin fibre.

5. To work up statistic data concerning new technologies. To generalize scientific and technological results.

6. To work out data for an engineering task to project automation fiber producing lines out of rocks, basalt fibrous materials and basalt plastics.

Expected Results

The implementation of complex scientific research and experimental works will allow the creation of new technology for preparation of raw materials, its processing and producing of fibers, fabrics, composite, insulation and other materials out of basalt and other rocks.

Optimum production process parameters will be determined as a result of computer modeling. Some methods and means of automation equipment control will also be offered at all stages of production. Due to this computer modeling he consumption of hydro carbon power bearers, other materials, resources and labour will be reduced by one unit of the output. The offered technologies and devices will help to develop production of high quality, competitive goods made of basalt and other materials.

Methods and means of labour and environment protection will also undergo considerable modernization.

Combination of unlimited raw material resources, more modern production technologies and cheap electric power from the electric power stations on the Naryn River will create real pre-conditions for:

- foundation of a new promising branch of industry in the Kyrgyz Republic;

- increase of employment of people;

- considerable growth of currency receipts from the export of new products made of basalt and other rocks.