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Materials for Electromagnetic Protection of Buildings


Development of New Building Materials for House Protection from Electromagnetic Smoke

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  • ENV-EHS/Environmental Health and Safety/Environment
  • OTH-BIT/Building Industry Technology/Other

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Leading Institute
Central Design Bureau of Radiomaterials (CDBRM), Russia, Moscow

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  • Research Institute of Concrete and Ferroconcrete (RICF), Russia, Moscow\nInstitute of Advanced Study, Russia, Moscow


  • State University of New York University at Buffalo, USA, NY, Buffalo\nEntwicklungsbetrieb fur Innovatives Reifenrecycling, ABF CmbH, Germany, Eisenhuttenstadt

Project summary

Electromagnetic pollution of environment is relatively new ecological factor governed by speedy growing development and use of modern electronic technologies and device emitting electromagnetic radiation. Increasing level of electromagnetic background depends upon growing amounts of radio and television transmission stations, radar, satellites, power lines, mobile phone networks, and wide promoting electronics and microwave emitting setups in industry and homes.

An affect of electromagnetic fields on the human health is the object of much research. Every year a lot of new evidences of harmful biological effect of electromagnetic fields on human body, immune, and nervous systems evolve. It was shown that there is relationship between electromagnetic radiation effects and increase in cancer, birth defects, depression, learning disability etc. The increasing affect of the electromagnetic fields on the persons will be continued in the industrial countries with economy based on unlimited use of electromagnetic energy.

The increasing level of electromagnetic radiation poses the problem of development of a new type of house protecting inhabitants from the potential environmental hazard. Modern human buildings not only protect the persons from external electromagnetic, but they contain household electric setups emitting electromagnetic radiation, i.e. are electromagnetic radiation sources themselves as well. The present-day used building materials are not workable for ecologically safe house construction in the new conditions. Their application leads to more degradation of electromagnetic environment inside house. The project is devoted to problem of radio wave safe house building in the conditions of growing electromagnetic smoke.

The objective of the project is development and production of building materials for use in building houses providing electromagnetic smoke protection. Requirements and recommendations on use of radio wave protective building materials and constructions in civil building under growing electropollution of environment is suggested to be developed in the result of the project execution.

The main task of the project is development of radiofrequency wave protective material technology based on common building industry. It is proposed to design poured building composites foam glass, foam gypsum, and cellular concrete doped with carbon black, graphite, and carbon fibres to impart radio wave absorption properties to foam materials. The building materials will possess sufficient electrodynamical properties as well as high thermal isolating, sound-, water-, and fire- proof properties.

It is proposed to solve all the basis problems of designing radio safe house: from development of method of monitoring electromagnetic conditions, theoretical and experimental development of radiofrequency protective materials to elaboration of recommendations on use of building materials and constructions in civil building.

The basis for new line in building technology of ecological home construction will be developed in the result of realization of the Project.