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Laser Method for Treatment of Alcohol-Dependence


Development of Advanced Method for Treatment of Alcohol Dependence by Method of Effect of Low-Intensive Modulated Laser Radiation on Biologically-Active Points of Man

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  • MED-OTH/Other/Medicine

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Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Center of Health-saving Pedagogical Technologies, Russia, Nizhni Novgorod

Project summary

Goal of Project is development of an effective method for therapy of alcohol dependence, which would meet the present-day requirements, and which would provide reliable knocking-over of the basic manifestations of alcoholism and providing a functional state of stable indifference to alcohol without use of drugs, as well as development of an advanced program for rehabilitation period of a patient.

The Project is intended for solving the problems of applied medicine in order to improve efficiency of measures for taking precautions and treatment of alcohol-dependence basing on present-day knowledge about pathogenesis of this disease, according to which the alcohol-dependence is considered as a psychophysiological disease having biological, psychological and social roots.

Essence of Project is development of an advanced complex of effective therapeutic techniques for treatment of alcohol-dependence and development of a rehabilitation supporting program. The program includes a complex of laser photobiostimulation, which provides structural reorganization of cell metabolism, and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), which forms personal transformation of a patient and changes his attitude to the disease.

Urgency of Project is associated with expansion of population alcoholization and absence of effective, non-expensive therapeutic techniques, which would be capable to provide high-quality treatment of alcohol-dependence and to prevent against early relapses.

Project participants suggest their effective therapeutic technique for treatment of alcohol-dependence. Differentially, depending on clinical and microsocial factors, this technique allows to get rid of pathological inclination for alcohol and to form the state of indifference to appearance and smell of alcohol, and to provide prevention against relapse.

The suggested therapeutic technique has no analogs, since here formation of negative conditioned reflex to alcohol occurs with use of inpidual photobiostimulating effect by therapeutic laser or EHF generator on acupuncture corporal points. Photobiostimulating laser effect and extremely high-frequency (EHF) effect not only eliminate pathological inclination for alcohol, but they also allow to normalize physiological nonspecific responses of organism during recovery.

To reach the formulated objective and to solve the above-listed problems, application of laser photobiostimulation (LP) or EHF effect in complex with NLP looks as the most optimum and effective, since LP and EHF have a series of positive features, namely:

  1. Non-invasiveness (keeps integrity of skin coverlet),
  2. Compatibility with pharmacological medications and other medical treatment methods,
  3. Efficiency as therapy and low cost of maintenance.

Physiological justification of the photobiostimulating effect (as sort of informative-wave effect) is based on the fundamental principal concepts underlying the vital functions of all living organisms. As it is known, a human being, as a whole biological object, is an arranged complex of interrelated cells, tissues, organs and systems. Their interaction provides vital functions under varying environmental conditions. At the same time, organism of a human being can be considered as an information system, where continuous information exchange takes place that provides autonomous vital functions of organism. Changes in organism can occur at energetic and informative levels. In this case, the effected objects are intercellular, intertissue and interorgan system bindings. The informative-wave method of effect is the most delicate and universal, since it allows to control energetic processes in organism. To provide effective controlling effect, biologically-active points (BAP) are used. These points are located in skin of a human being. BAPs are nothing but sensors and receivers, which carry superdelicate information about all processes and states of internal organs, and effect on these BAPs can cause appropriate changes in all internal organs. Presently laser photobiostimulation (LP) provides the most effective and economical treatment. LP enables to perform interference in life processes at the subcellular level and to make correction of cell metabolism with high quality and quickly.

As a disease, alcoholism causes massive transformations exactly at the cellular level, namely, changing intracellular regulation, reconstructing activity of intracellular structures, in particular, changing specifically activity of the AAP acid (the ferment, which controls concentration of acidum adenosintriphos-phoricum that is the source of energy inside a cell). It results in cellular dependence on alcohol through forming a stable pathological state named as physical dependence.

Therefore the basis of the Project is a complex of the most effective measures for taking precautions and treatment of alcohol-dependence that allows not only to knock-over the basic symptoms of alcoholism, but also to restore social functional activity of patients.

The Project is based on practical developments of the Project participants.

The instrumental complex for effect on acupuncture corporal points (LP) will be prepared by scientists and engineers from FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF that is a leading Institution of the ROSATOM in the field of laser technologies. In particular, FSUE RFNC-VNIIEF has rich expertise in development and manufacture of small-size laser devices and other equipment for medicine.

As a result of the Project fulfillment, it will become possible to create a unique universal therapeutic technique for treatment of alcohol-dependence. This technique will be capable to reach very quickly a high-quality effect and restoration of bio-, psycho- and social functions improving quality of patient’s life.

It is expected that the obtained results will enable to improve quality of treatment, to increase the arsenal of means and capabilities of physicians, and to reduce significantly cost of treatment. The obtained results will make the basis for foundation of a center for training of high-skilled personnel capable to perform medical procedures at appropriate level.